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Storyline:   Ex-model magazine photographer Friday Foster heads to Los Angeles International airport to capture the arrival of Blake Tarr, the wealthiest black man in the United States. However, Tarr is targeted by three assassins, and Foster takes pictures of the chaos that ensues. Soon, she becomes embroiled in a conspiracy involving the death of a childhood friend, a U.S. senator, and a sinister scheme known as "Black Widow."
Friday Foster
Year : 1975
Genre : Action
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Arthur Marks
Top Billing Cast:  Carl Weathers as Yarbro Pam Grier as Friday Foster Eartha Kitt as Madame Rena Yaphet Kotto as Colt Hawkins

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Friday Foster Trivia

  1. The film is based on a newspaper comic strip of the same name by Jim Lawrence and Jorje Longeron that debuted January 18, 1970 and ran in 80 to 100 papers. It was the first mainstream comic strip with a black lead character. The end credits thank Chicago Tribune Syndication, which licensed the comic strip to newspapers. Ironically, the movie was released after the strip ended in 1974.
  2. Pam Grier's 11th and final film for American International Pictures (all made between 1971--1975).
  3. The unusual-looking pistols Yarbro delivers to his co-conspirators in a paper bag are Mauser C96's, first made in 1896 - one of the first successful semi-automatic handguns. Over one million were made from 1896 to 1937.
  4. Final theatrical film for Godfrey Cambridge.
  5. Fancy's unusual white car is a 1972 Stutz Blackhawk. It was priced at around $26,000 (over $160,000 in 2021). The mobile phone cost an additional $1,500 to install (over $9,200 in 2021). The bodies were handmade in Italy, then shipped to the United States where they were mated with a Pontiac Bonneville engine and frame. Between 500 and 600 were made from 1971 to 1987. Elvis Presley bought the first one when the manufacturer could not make a deal with Frank Sinatra.
  6. Julius Harris and Yaphet Kotto starred together in Nothing But a Man (1964) and Live and Let Die (1973)
  7. Producer/director Arthur Marks had plans to follow up this picture with a television series, according to an article in the 25 June 1973 edition of The Hollywood Reporter, but no such program was produced.
  8. On the wall in her apartment, Friday has a framed cover from the October 1918 edition of Modern Priscilla magazine. This periodical was aimed at women and was published from 1887 to 1930 and included items on needlework, fashion, housekeeping, recipes and articles on various women's issues. This cover shows a woman hanging a WWI service banner in a window with the four blue stripes indicating four members of the household were in military service. These would become standardized to blue stars by WWII.
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