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Storyline:   "Alita: Battle Angel" is a 2019 cyberpunk science fiction film directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by James Cameron. The film is based on Yukito Kishiro's manga series "Gunnm," also known as "Battle Angel Alita." The story is set in a dystopian future where Earth has suffered from a devastating war known as "The Fall." In the scrapyard city of Iron City, Dr. Dyson Ido (played by Christoph Waltz) discovers the remnants of a cyborg with a fully intact human brain. He rebuilds and names her Alita (played by Rosa Salazar). Alita has no memory of her past but soon discovers that she possesses incredible combat skills. As Alita navigates her new life in Iron City, she becomes entangled in the city's brutal sport known as Motorball and discovers her own extraordinary abilities. Along the way, she begins to unravel the mysteries of her past and her connection to the powerful and corrupt forces that control Iron City.

"Alita: Battle Angel" is known for its visually stunning special effects, particularly in bringing the character of Alita to life through motion capture technology. The film explores themes of identity, self-discovery, and the consequences of technological advancements. It blends elements of action, science fiction, and cyberpunk aesthetics. While the film received mixed reviews from critics, it found a dedicated fanbase that appreciated its visual spectacle, engaging action sequences, and the portrayal of the complex character of Alita. The film has sparked discussions about the potential for sequels to further explore the rich source material from the manga series.
Alita: Battle Angel
Year : 2019
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Top Billing Cast:  Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyson Ido Jennifer Connelly as Chiren Jai Courtney as Jashugan Rosa Salazar as Alita

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Alita: Battle Angel Trivia

  1. The CGI in just one of Alita's eyes contained more geometry than the entire character of Gollum in 'Lord of the Rings,' as revealed in the home-release extras.

  2. The manga series is titled "Battle Angel Alita," but the film's title was adjusted to "Alita: Battle Angel." Producer Jon Landau explained this decision, stating, "Jim only does T&A movies," referring to James Cameron's tendency to start his movie titles with "A" or "T."

  3. Despite being live-action, the main character is created using CG animation and was shot in 3D, utilizing James Cameron's developed stereo imaging system.

  4. Director Robert Rodriguez based the second Motorball sequence on NASCAR, using real-world physics and camera placements to keep it as "real world" as possible.

  5. The film is based on the Japanese manga "Gunnm" (released as "Battle Angel Alita" in North America), spanning nine volumes from 1990 to 1995. It was followed by the 19-volume sequel "Battle Angel Alita: Last Order" and "Gunnm: Mars Chronicle."

  6. The hunter warriors congregate in a bar called Kansas, and according to the manga, the scrapyard (Iron City) is located in the land formerly known as Kansas City, Missouri.

  7. Top inline skaters, including Chris Haffey, Franky Morales, and Dave Lang, performed as the Motorball competitors. Katie Ketchum doubled for Rosa Salazar during these sequences, capturing facial expressions for reference cameras.

  8. Alita's distinctive big eyes, a point of mixed reactions, were designed to create a photo-realistic version of the manga eyes. Director Robert Rodriguez emphasized honoring the manga tradition and providing a unique emotional impact.

  9. The movie had a substantial budget between $175 million and $200 million, making it the biggest budget Robert Rodriguez had ever worked with.

  10. The film's production was announced in 2003, but repeated delays, primarily due to James Cameron's work on Avatar and its sequels, led to a prolonged development process. Robert Rodriguez was announced as the director in 2016.

  11. Quentin Tarantino recommended Christoph Waltz to Robert Rodriguez, given their previous collaborations and Waltz's success in Tarantino's films.

  12. The scene where Hugo and his friends show Alita the downed ship outside the city was filmed in McKinney Falls State Park in Austin, Texas.

  13. James Cameron had wanted to adapt Yukito Kishiro's "Battle Angel Alita" manga since 1995 but faced delays due to prior commitments and technological limitations.

  14. The movie's opening scene resembles the opening sequence of "Battle Angel" (1993), with many scenes taken almost frame by frame from the 1993 movie.

  15. "Alita" translates to "little wing" in Spanish.

  16. The film includes approximately 1,500 visual effects shots.

  17. "Alita: Battle Angel" is the final film distributed by 20th Century Fox as a stand-alone studio before its acquisition by The Walt Disney Company.

  18. Vector's line at 1:18:28, "I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven," is a paraphrase from John Milton's "Paradise Lost."

  19. "Alita: Battle Angel" is Robert Rodriguez's first PG-13 movie, a departure from his previous R or PG-rated films.

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