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Dear God No!

Dear God No!

Year : 2011
Genre : Comedy, Horror
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: James Bickert
Top Billing Cast: 
About:  "Dear God No!" is a horror-comedy film released in 2011 that follows a gang of outlaw bikers who embark on a violent and bloody rampage through a small town in Georgia in the 1970s.The film begins with the bikers stumbling upon a cabin deep in the woods, where they encounter a group of scientists who are conducting bizarre experiments on human beings. The bikers are drawn into the scientists' twisted world and become pawns in their deranged experiments.

As the bikers wreak havoc throughout the town, they encounter various characters, including a local sheriff, a gang of hippies, and a band of cannibalistic hillbillies. The film is full of gory and outrageous scenes, as the bikers engage in brutal violence, sexual depravity, and drug-fueled mayhem. As the film progresses, the bikers become increasingly entangled in the scientists' experiments, which lead them down a path of madness and destruction. The film culminates in a shocking and bloody climax that will leave viewers reeling. "Dear God No!" is a tongue-in-cheek tribute to the exploitation films of the 1970s, with a mix of horror, humor, and over-the-top violence. The film's grainy cinematography, rockabilly soundtrack, and low-budget charm make it a cult classic that is sure to delight fans of the genre.
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Dear God No! Trivia

  1. In the film's newspaper headline montage, the director included a hidden message in the last story.
  2. Jett Bryant, the lead actor, is also the lead singer of a band named Bigfoot.
  3. The boy in the beginning of the film is the son of Ted Weldon, the lead singer of Truckadelic and Ghost Rider Car Club.
  4. Billy Ratliff, who plays Larry in the film, is the guitarist for Truckadelic.
  5. Actor Shane Morton, who appears in the film, is the lead singer of Gargantua and Super X-13, as well as the spookshow host Dr. Morte.
  6. Jim Stacy, who plays Bigfoot in the film, is the lead clown in the Mastodon music video for "Blood and Thunder," where he plays the character Uncle Laffo from the band Greasepaint.
  7. The infamous wine featured in the film is called de Ossorio, named as a tribute to Amando de Ossorio, the director of "Tombs of the Blind Dead."

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