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Storyline:   "Second Chorus" is a romantic comedy film released in 1940 that follows the story of two college friends, Danny and Hank, who are both talented musicians hoping to make it big in the world of jazz. The film begins with Danny and Hank playing in the college band, but they are both kicked out due to their constant bickering and lack of discipline. Undeterred, they set out to start their own band and become successful jazz musicians. Their journey leads them to New York City, where they meet a beautiful young woman named Ellen, who becomes the object of their affection. As Danny and Hank vie for Ellen's attention, they also compete against each other for a job with a famous bandleader.

Along the way, Danny and Hank face numerous challenges and setbacks, including a rival band, a jealous girlfriend, and a gang of gangsters. They must navigate these obstacles while staying true to their dreams and friendship. As the film progresses, Danny and Hank's band becomes increasingly popular, leading to a series of hilarious and entertaining musical numbers. The film culminates in a thrilling performance at a major music festival, where Danny and Hank must put aside their differences and work together to achieve their dreams."Second Chorus" is a fun and lighthearted film, with charming performances by its lead actors, Fred Astaire as Danny and Burgess Meredith as Hank. The film is also notable for its outstanding musical numbers, which showcase the talents of Astaire and Meredith as dancers and musicians.
Second Chorus
Year : 1940
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: H.C. Potter
Top Billing Cast:  Burgess Meredith as Hank Taylor Fred Astaire as Danny O'Neill Paulette Goddard as Ellen Miller William 'Billy' Benedict as Ticket Taker

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Second Chorus Trivia

  1. While Fred Astaire was filming "Broadway Melody of 1940", his frequent co-star Ginger Rogers was making "Kitty Foyle" which won her the Academy Award for Best Actress. When Astaire found out, he sent her a telegram reading "Ouch".
  2. The trumpet playing for Fred Astaire's character was dubbed by Bobby Hackett.
  3. A song and dance number entitled "Me and the Ghost Upstairs", sung and danced by Fred Astaire and dance director Hermes Pan, was cut from the movie. However, prerecording and rehearsal footage still exists.
  4. Astaire later referred to "Broadway Melody of 1940" as the worst film he ever made, and Artie Shaw was put off film acting by his experience in the movie.
  5. The song and dance number "I Ain't Hep to That Step But I'll Dig It" was shot in one take after extensive rehearsals. Astaire had reservations about Paulette Goddard's dancing abilities but was ultimately pleased with the result. This was the last routine Astaire shot in one take.
  6. Burgess Meredith plays a character who competes for Paulette Goddard's character's affections in the film. The two would later marry in real life in 1944.
  7. Dance director Hermes Pan makes an appearance in the film as a clarinetist in the college band sequences.
  8. The Oscar-nominated song "Would You Like to Be the Love of My Life" was written quickly over lunch by Artie Shaw and co-writer Johnny Mercer. They held off sharing it with the studio for a couple of weeks.
  9. The trumpet playing for Burgess Meredith's character was dubbed by Billy Butterfield.
  10. Despite playing college students in the film, Fred Astaire was 41 and Burgess Meredith was 33 at the time of filming.
  11. "Broadway Melody of 1940" was Astaire's first film for Paramount.
  12. The $110 debt owed by Danny in the film for encyclopedias would be equivalent to approximately $1,910 in 2017.
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