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Storyline:   "Sleep with Me" is a 1994 romantic comedy-drama film directed by Rory Kelly. The movie revolves around a group of friends and the complex dynamics of their relationships, particularly as they become entangled in a love triangle. The story follows Joseph (played by Eric Stoltz), a struggling artist, and his best friend Frank (played by Craig Sheffer), who is married to Joseph's ex-girlfriend, Sarah (played by Meg Tilly). When Joseph begins a new relationship with Sarah's close friend, Elaine (played by Parker Posey), tensions and complications arise within the group. As the friends navigate their feelings and desires, the film delves into themes of love, loyalty, and the challenges of maintaining friendships while exploring romantic interests. The characters engage in candid and introspective conversations about their relationships, adding depth and authenticity to the narrative.

"Sleep with Me" is known for a memorable and often-discussed monologue delivered by Quentin Tarantino, who makes a cameo appearance as a party guest. In this monologue, Tarantino's character offers his interpretation of the homoerotic subtext of the film "Top Gun," playfully addressing themes of masculinity and sexuality in popular culture. The film blends comedy and drama, offering a character-driven exploration of the complexities of human emotions and relationships. The performances, particularly the chemistry between the cast members, contribute to the film's authentic portrayal of friendship and romantic entanglements. While "Sleep with Me" may not have achieved widespread recognition, it remains a notable entry in the romantic comedy-drama genre, offering a thoughtful and sometimes humorous exploration of love and friendship. It's appreciated by viewers who enjoy character-driven stories that delve into the intricacies of human connections.
Sleep With Me
Year : 1994
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Rory Kelly
Top Billing Cast:  Quentin Tarantino as Sid Parker Posey as Athena Eric Stoltz as Joseph Vanessa Angel as Marianne

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Sleep With Me Trivia

  1. The famous Top Gun speech in Sleep with Me (1994) misquotes the actual Top Gun (1986) script for comedic effect. The movie claims that Iceman says, "You can ride my tail any time" to Maverick, but in reality, the line is "You can be my wingman any time."
  2. The iconic Top Gun speech delivered by Quentin Tarantino in Sleep with Me was originally written by Quentin Tarantino and his friend Roger Avary for a different project. The speech is scripted word for word as used by Tarantino.
  3. While Roger Avary is often credited for the Top Gun gay connection speech, it's actually derived from Pauline Kael's 1986 review of the film.
  4. Quentin Tarantino has a minor role in Sleep with Me. Interestingly, Eric Stoltz, the film's main actor, also played the lead role in Killing Zoe (1993), a film produced by Tarantino. Additionally, Stoltz appeared as an actor in Tarantino's Pulp Fiction (1994).
  5. In Sleep with Me, Eric Stoltz and Craig Sheffer portray best friends who are both in love with the same girl (Stoltz's girlfriend). In the movie Some Kind of Wonderful (1987), they played characters who were rivals in love for the same girl (Sheffer's girlfriend).
  6. The film's cast includes Quentin Tarantino, an Oscar winner, as well as two Oscar nominees: Meg Tilly and Todd Field.
  7. Eric Stoltz and Tegan West had previously appeared together in the movie Greasy Lake (1988).
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