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Storyline:   This tale revolves around Tom Stall, a quiet and unassuming man living contently with his attorney wife and two children in the tranquil town of Millbrook, Indiana. Their peaceful life takes an abrupt turn when Tom courageously thwarts a violent robbery in his diner one fateful night. In an act of self-defense, he ends the lives of two dangerous criminals, becoming a local hero. Tom's newfound hero status catapults him into the national spotlight, drawing the attention of the media and transforming his life overnight. Uncomfortable with this sudden fame, Tom yearns for a return to his ordinary existence.

However, his desires for normalcy are shattered when a mysterious and menacing stranger arrives in town, convinced that Tom is the source of a past grievance. As Tom and his family grapple with this case of mistaken identity and struggle to adapt to their altered reality, they find themselves facing not only external threats but also the challenges within their relationships. This gripping narrative explores the consequences of heroism, the complexities of identity, and the resilience of a family forced to confront their changed circumstances.
A History Of Violence
Year : 2005
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: David Cronenberg
Top Billing Cast:  Viggo Mortensen as Tom Stall Maria Bello as Edie Stall William Hurt as Richie Cusack Ed Harris as Carl Fogarty

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A History Of Violence Trivia

  1. During the shooting of the first bar scene with Ed Harris in the film, Viggo Mortensen couldn't stop laughing, leading to several re-shoots. Due to Mortensen's behavior, Ed Harris completed the scene without pants, wearing only his underwear. However, this detail is not visible in the final scene as the bar table obstructs the view. Viggo Mortensen had to act seriously while Ed Harris was not wearing any pants, and this is the scene used in the movie.

  2. For the sex scene on the stairs, director David Cronenberg was concerned about the actors getting hurt on the hard wooden steps. He asked his stuntman about using stunt pads to soften the stairs but ended up not using them for most of the scene. In a shot where Edie is naked on the bed with visible bruises on her back, makeup was used to conceal the bruises that Maria Bello received during the scene.

  3. William Hurt received an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor for this film despite being in only one scene that lasted less than 10 minutes.

  4. Originally, the mobsters in the film were supposed to be Italian-Americans. However, after the casting of Ed Harris and William Hurt, director David Cronenberg decided to change the mob to Irish-Americans, giving Viggo Mortensen's character the Irish surname Cusack. This change was made because Cronenberg felt that Mortensen, Harris, and Hurt wouldn't convincingly portray Italian-Americans.

  5. During the robbery scene at the diner, the action of Greg Bryk (playing Orser) crudely rubbing his hand down Charlotte's (Deborah Drakeford) breast and then sniffing his hand was improvised by the two actors themselves.

  6. The first four minutes and 28 seconds of the movie, set at a seedy roadside hotel, is a single, uninterrupted take without a single cut until Billy enters the motel office.

  7. The diner scenes were all shot on a soundstage in Ontario. They constructed a street scene outside the diner's window and lit it to match different times of day.

  8. In 2006, the film was released on VHS, marking one of the last instances of a major motion picture being released in that format.

  9. Both Thomas Jane and Harrison Ford turned down the role of Tom Stall in the film.

  10. Maria Bello, who played the on-screen mother of Ashton Holmes, is only 11 years older than him in real life.

  11. Director David Cronenberg was not initially aware that the film was based on a Paradox Press/Vertigo Comics graphic novel until after he signed on to direct. Cronenberg has stated that he is not a fan of superhero comics/films, as he finds them fundamentally adolescent.

  12. The actors who played the two robbers in the cafe scene developed their own backstory for the characters, with the older man being the younger man's uncle, taking him across the country after his release from prison.

  13. In a 2014 interview, Viggo Mortensen mentioned that he initially found Josh Olson's original script disappointing, as it was filled with senseless mayhem. He only agreed to do the film after meeting with director David Cronenberg, who reworked the script.

  14. The fictitious town where the film is set (Millbrook, Indiana) is named after the town where the film was actually shot (Millbrook, Ontario, Canada). Scenes set in Philadelphia were also shot in Toronto, Canada.

  15. Viggo Mortensen bought many props for the diner and the Stall home during his trip to the American Midwest to immerse himself in his character. This included fishing-themed items, like the poster of different fish types shown on the back wall opposite the counter.

  16. Viggo Mortensen and Ed Harris reunited in the 2008 Western movie "Appaloosa," where they played associates rather than enemies. Ed Harris chose Mortensen largely because of their previous collaboration on this film.

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