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Storyline:   "Accidental Love 2015" is a romantic comedy with a twist. The story follows Alice, a small-town waitress with big dreams, who has always been unlucky in love. She's a hopeless romantic who believes in fairy tales and happily ever afters, despite her own string of failed relationships. One day, while working at the local diner, Alice accidentally bumps into Ben, a clumsy yet charming delivery driver. Their encounter is brief but sparks fly instantly. However, before Alice can get Ben's number, he rushes off to make his next delivery, leaving her with nothing but a lingering sense of missed opportunity. Determined to find Ben again, Alice embarks on a comedic journey filled with mishaps and misunderstandings. Along the way, she enlists the help of her quirky best friends, who are equal parts supportive and skeptical of her quest for love.

Meanwhile, Ben can't seem to get Alice out of his mind either. Despite his hectic schedule and his own past disappointments in love, he finds himself drawn to her infectious optimism and genuine warmth. As Alice and Ben's paths continue to cross in unexpected ways, they both start to realize that maybe love isn't something you find, but something that finds you when you least expect it. Through a series of hilarious and heartwarming misadventures, they discover that sometimes the best things in life happen when you're not looking for them. "Accidental Love 2015" is a feel-good romantic comedy that celebrates the serendipitous nature of love and the joy of finding unexpected connections in the most unlikely places. With its charming characters, witty dialogue, and laugh-out-loud moments, it's a delightful reminder that true love can be found in the most accidental of encounters.
Accidental Love
Year : 2015
Genre : Comedy, Romance
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: David O. Russell
Top Billing Cast:  Jake Gyllenhaal as Howard Birdwell Jessica Biel as Alice Eckle Bill Hader as Doctor Turnstall Beverly D'Angelo as Helen Eckle

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Accidental Love Trivia

  1. The production faced frequent shutdowns due to financial issues, prompting actors like Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel to walk off set in 2008.

  2. Director David O. Russell left the project in 2010, credited under the pseudonym "Stephen Greene" due to creative differences with financier Ron Tutor.

  3. Despite financial difficulties, David Bergstein attempted to salvage the film in 2011 by arranging test screenings in LA without informing the crew.

  4. Filming commenced in 2008, but the movie wasn't released until 2015, rendering its original political message obsolete with the passage of the Affordable Care Act.

  5. "Nailed" was featured in a book on unfinished films, eventually becoming the first completed and released project among those listed.

  6. Some scenes, like the opening credits, were shot in different locations than originally intended, adding to the film's troubled production history.

  7. Reshoots were mandated for certain actors like Jessica Biel and Tracy Morgan, conducted without the involvement of director David O. Russell.

  8. Despite a 2013 copyright date, indicating completion years prior, the film's release was delayed significantly due to financial and creative disputes.

  9. Originally backed by Capitol Films, financial troubles forced the film to be shelved until Ron Tutor intervened in 2010.

  10. Lindsay Lohan auditioned for a role in the film, joining a list of stars considered for various parts, including Ryan Reynolds.

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