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Storyline:   "I Love Trouble" is a 1994 romantic comedy film directed by Charles Shyer. The movie follows the story of two rival journalists who find themselves entangled in a complex web of mystery, danger, and unexpected romance. The film centers around Peter Brackett (played by Nick Nolte), a seasoned and tenacious reporter, and Sabrina Peterson (played by Julia Roberts), a young and ambitious journalist. Both of them are assigned to cover a train derailment, but as they investigate the incident, they uncover a much larger and potentially dangerous conspiracy. As Peter and Sabrina dig deeper into the story, they become targets for those who want to keep the truth hidden. Despite their initial animosity and competing interests, they soon realize that they must work together to expose the conspiracy and protect themselves.

Their journey takes them on a thrilling and sometimes comedic adventure as they navigate through unexpected twists, thrilling chases, and a series of near misses. Along the way, they discover a mutual attraction that adds another layer of complexity to their relationship. "I Love Trouble" combines elements of action, comedy, and romance, offering a blend of fast-paced excitement and humorous banter between the two leads. The film explores the dynamics of journalism, the pursuit of truth, and the blurred boundaries between personal and professional lives. Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts showcase their chemistry and comedic timing, bringing depth and charisma to their characters. The film also features a talented ensemble cast, including Saul Rubinek, Robert Loggia, and James Rebhorn, who add to the film's charm. With its witty dialogue, engaging performances, and a healthy dose of adventure, "I Love Trouble" delivers an entertaining and light-hearted experience. It offers a fun and romantic journey that keeps audiences entertained as Peter and Sabrina navigate through the chaos, danger, and unexpected love that arises from their shared investigation.
I Love Trouble
Year : 1994
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Charles Shyer
Top Billing Cast:  Julia Roberts as Sabrina Peterson Nick Nolte as Peter Brackett Clark Gregg as Darryl Beekman, Jr. Eugene Levy as Ray, Justice of the Peace

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I Love Trouble Trivia

  1. Julia Roberts and Nick Nolte reportedly had a difficult working relationship during filming. Nolte referred to the movie as the worst he had ever done, while Roberts later stated that Nolte was the worst actor she had ever worked with.
  2. Roberts described Nolte as "disgusting," and Nolte referred to her as "not a nice person." Roberts was not fond of Nolte's macho behavior and didn't hesitate to express her dislike. Nolte, in turn, deliberately engaged in such behavior to provoke her during filming.
  3. The tension between Nolte and Roberts became so intense that they refused to shoot their later scenes together. As a result, the production had to quickly rewrite the script and use clever editing and camera tricks. Some accounts suggest that they ended up filming more scenes with stand-ins than with each other.
  4. Nolte admitted that his negative attitude on set was primarily due to doing the film for the money and feeling like he was compromising his artistic integrity. He considers it his worst film.
  5. Despite the reported conflicts, there were occasions when Nolte and Roberts did get along, particularly when they both grew frustrated with the directorial demands of Nancy Meyers and Charles Shyer, such as endless improvisations on a single line.
  6. The strained relationship between the two leads and the adjustments made by the production team led Disney's marketing department to reposition the film. It was initially promoted as a romantic comedy but was reshaped into a more conventional suspense thriller. This last-minute shift in marketing strategy was noted by competitors in the industry.
  7. During a scene involving a "wild goose chase," the production team imported 500 geese from Iowa to Wisconsin.
  8. Film critic Roger Ebert, who had experience as a newspaperman in Chicago, pointed out some inconsistencies in the film. He highlighted that Nolte's character submits paper copies of his work, which was already outdated by 1994, and that both Nolte and Roberts' characters have seemingly unlimited expense accounts and spend days on their story without contacting the office.
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