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Storyline:   The story begins with the arrival of Sal Devito, an artist from New York City who relocates to the quiet town seeking solace after the tragic death of his wife. He rents an old, secluded house on the outskirts, hoping the serene environment will help him heal and find inspiration for his work. Shortly after settling in, Sal starts experiencing unsettling phenomena: strange noises, unsettling dreams, and the feeling of being watched. The locals are friendly but evasive when he inquires about the history of his new home. He befriends a local librarian, Jane, who is intrigued by his situation and offers to help him investigate.

Together, they uncover the house's dark past: it once belonged to a wealthy family who dabbled in occult practices, leading to a series of mysterious disappearances and deaths. A particular event in August 1976 stands out´┐Żan unexplained tragedy that claimed the lives of several townspeople and left a lingering curse on the property. As Sal delves deeper, he begins to experience visions of the past, witnessing the horrifying events that transpired in the house. The spirits of the victims, trapped and restless, start manifesting more aggressively, seeking retribution for the wrongs done to them. Sal realizes that the curse is tied to an unfinished ritual that took place in August 1976, and the spirits believe he is the key to completing it.
Dark August
Year : 1976
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Martin Goldman
Top Billing Cast:  Kim Hunter as Adrianna Putnam

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Dark August Trivia

  1. Dark August is a 1976 horror film directed by Martin Goldman and considered a cult classic.

  2. The film stars J.J. Barry as Sal Devito, a man who becomes the target of a curse after accidentally killing a young girl.

  3. The movie was filmed on location in Stowe, Vermont, adding an authentic New England atmosphere to the eerie narrative.

  4. Dark August is noted for its atmospheric cinematography, which enhances the film's unsettling and suspenseful mood.

  5. The film features a score composed by Stanley Schwartz, contributing to the overall tension and horror.

  6. Dark August explores themes of guilt, supernatural revenge, and the consequences of past actions.

  7. The film was produced by J.J. Barry and Martin Goldman, collaborators on other projects.

  8. Dark August was part of a wave of low-budget independent horror films released in the 1970s, a period known for its experimentation and boundary-pushing in the genre.

  9. The movie received mixed reviews upon its initial release but has since gained a following for its unique approach to horror storytelling.

  10. Dark August is often praised for its psychological depth and the strong performances of its cast, particularly J.J. Barry's portrayal of the tormented protagonist.

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