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Storyline:   Peter and Petra, who belong to a secret race of small people living in harmony with nature, hidden from the human world. These small folk have their own intricate society, thriving within the nooks and crannies of the human world, unknown to the larger inhabitants. Peter and Petra, curious and adventurous, long to explore the human world beyond their hidden village. One day, their wish is granted when they meet a lonely human boy named Gunnar, who is struggling to fit in at school. Gunnar is kind-hearted but shy, and he often finds solace in the nearby woods where he encounters Peter and Petra. They quickly become friends, and Gunnar's world transforms as he discovers the magic and wonders of their tiny existence.

As their friendship blossoms, Peter and Petra decide to attend Gunnar's school, posing as human children. They face a series of humorous and challenging situations as they try to blend in with the other students while keeping their true identities a secret. Along the way, they teach Gunnar valuable lessons about courage, kindness, and the importance of being true to oneself. However, their adventure is not without its obstacles. A nosy neighbor, Mrs. Svensson, grows suspicious of the new children and starts investigating their origins. Meanwhile, Peter and Petra's presence in the human world causes unintended disruptions, attracting the attention of those who wish to exploit their tiny society.
Peter Och Petra
Year : 1989
Genre : Family
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Agneta Elers-Jarleman
Top Billing Cast:  Anna Carlsson, Per Eggers, Bj�rn Gedda

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Peter Och Petra Trivia

  1. "Peter och Petra" is a Swedish film directed by Agneta Elers-Jarleman, released in 1989
  2. The film is based on a story by beloved Swedish author Astrid Lindgren, known for creating Pippi Longstocking
  3. It tells the story of two small children, Peter and Petra, who are very small and move into a human-sized school
  4. The movie was filmed in Stockholm, capturing the charm and essence of the Swedish capital
  5. The characters Peter and Petra are portrayed by actors Joshua Petsonk and Petra Brylander, respectively
  6. The film was made for television and was later released on VHS, making it accessible to a broader audience
  7. "Peter och Petra" addresses themes of friendship, acceptance, and the challenges of being different
  8. The movie is part of a larger collection of works by Astrid Lindgren that have been adapted into films and television series
  9. Despite being a lesser-known work compared to Lindgren�s more famous stories, it has a dedicated fan base in Sweden
  10. The film's gentle narrative and heartwarming characters make it a favorite among families and children in Sweden
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