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Storyline:   Lukas, a lonely and withdrawn boy who has recently lost his mother. Struggling to connect with his stern and distant father, Keller, Lukas spends most of his time exploring the wilderness surrounding their isolated mountain home. One day, while wandering through the forest, Lukas discovers an eaglet that has fallen from its nest. Moved by the plight of the vulnerable bird, he decides to take it in and care for it. He names the eaglet Abel and dedicates himself to nursing it back to health, despite his father's disapproval and warnings about the dangers of getting too close to wild animals.

As Lukas and Abel grow together, they form a deep and unbreakable bond. The boy learns valuable lessons about trust, responsibility, and the natural world. Keller, observing his son's newfound purpose and determination, begins to soften and reconnect with Lukas. Their relationship slowly heals as they share the experience of raising Abel. Lukas's growth and transformation mirror Abel's progression from a helpless chick to a majestic predator of the skies. The climax of the film sees Lukas facing a crucial decision about Abel's future, testing his understanding of love and freedom.
Brothers Of The Wind
Year : 2015
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Gerardo Olivares
Top Billing Cast:  Jean Reno as Danzer, Tobias Moretti as Keller, Manuel Camacho as Lukas

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Brothers Of The Wind Trivia

  1. The movie was filmed in the breathtaking Dolomites mountain range, spanning locations across Austria and Italy.
  2. The young actor, Manuel Camacho, who plays Manas, actually formed a real bond with the eagles used in the film, making their on-screen connection even more believable.
  3. Despite the central theme of a boy and his eagle, the movie also explores a complex father-son relationship, with veteran actors Jean Reno and Tobias Moretti portraying the characters.
  4. "Brothers of the Wind" is not just a coming-of-age story for the boy; it also showcases the struggle for survival faced by the wild eagles in their natural habitat.
  5. The film's director, G�rard du Clozeau, is known for his work on animal-centric movies, and "Brothers of the Wind" is no exception, featuring stunning visuals of the majestic eagles.
  6. While the story is fictional, the film touches upon environmentalism themes and the importance of protecting endangered species like these magnificent birds.
  7. The original French title of the movie translates to "The Golden Falcon," referencing the type of eagle prominently featured in the film's narrative.
  8. Although not a major box office hit, "Brothers of the Wind" received positive reviews for its beautiful cinematography, heartwarming story, and impressive animal training.
  9. If you're a fan of movies like "Fly Away Home" or "The Eagle Hunter," "Brothers of the Wind" is likely to resonate with you for its portrayal of the special bond between humans and birds.
  10. Interestingly, the film's score features a blend of traditional orchestral music and haunting throat singing, adding a unique layer to the overall viewing experience.
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