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Storyline:   Joe Friday's equally strict and "by the book" nephew must work with his more relaxed partner to solve a mystery.
Year : 1987
Genre : Comedy, Crime
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Tom Mankiewicz
Top Billing Cast:  Tom Hanks as Det. Pep Streebek Christopher Plummer as Reverend Jonathan Whirley Dan Aykroyd as Sgt. Joe Friday Casey Sander as Phoney CHP #1

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Dragnet Trivia

  1. The photograph of Captain Gannon's wife that is seen behind his desk in the film is the same photograph as Colonel Potter's wife in MAS*H (1972). Both characters were played by Harry Morgan.
  2. Detective Streebek's television watch in the film is an actual product. SEIKO invented it in 1983 and it featured a black-and-white display, as well as a separate battery pack/tuner about the size of a Walkman.
  3. The dress code that Joe Friday quotes to Pep at the beginning of the film is accurate.
  4. The famous catchphrase "Just the facts ma'am" was never actually said by Jack Webb/Joe Friday, but by comedian Stan Freberg.
  5. When Joe Friday first sits down at his desk, a pack of Chesterfield cigarettes is on top of the newspaper. Chesterfield sponsored the Dragnet radio series and Jack Webb, the original Joe Friday, used to participate in Chesterfield ads during Dragnet radio and television episodes. Another cigarette brand, Fatima, was the original sponsor of the Dragnet radio series.
  6. In real life, Dan Aykroyd is a huge fan of Jack Webb, the original Joe Friday, and as a tribute to him, Aykroyd gives many of his characters the ability to recite complex technical jargon in the same way that Joe Friday recites laws and police procedures.
  7. When Joe Friday is doing his opening narrations as he sits down at his desk, he says "My partner is Frank Smith..." Frank Smith was Friday's fourth partner in the history of the Dragnet series after Ben Romero, Bill Lockwood and Ed Jacobs, and also his longest-serving partner.
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