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Storyline:   Simon, a high school student from Toronto, has been raised by his uncle Tom since his parents, Rachel and Sami, passed away in a car accident eight years ago. Tom, a tow truck driver, moved to the city and took over the mortgage on Rachel's house, largely to keep Simon's life stable and also to distance himself from his and Rachel's father, Morris, a bigoted man. This upbringing has made Tom a sullen and angry person. Morris passed away recently. Rachel and Sami met when Rachel, a violinist, brought her instrument in to be serviced, Sami was the repairman. Simon now owns his mother's expensive violin, which Tom would like to sell to help pay the mortgage and Simon's university tuition. One day at school, Simon's French teacher Sabine reads a French newspaper story from several years ago as a translation exercise for the class. The story is about a pregnant woman traveling to Israel, her then boyfriend who, unknown to her, planted a bomb in her luggage intended to blow up the airplane, which would have killed her and their unborn child. Because Simon translates the story from the perspective of him being that unborn child now a teenager, Sabine, who is also the school's drama teacher, asks Simon to flesh out the story as a play, either in French or English. Simon begins to present the story as his reality, meaning that the woman in question truly was his mother Rachel and the bomber truly was his Palestinian father, Sami, which may or may not be true. Simon, Sabine and Tom all have to make decisions surrounding this issue, which they do to help their individual self deal with his or her own reality of the situation.
Year : 2008
Genre : Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Atom Egoyan
Top Billing Cast:  Rachel Blanchard as Rachel Devon Bostick as Simon Scott Speedman as Tom Katie Boland as Hannah

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Adoration Trivia

  1. To gain insight into the attitudes of university students towards communicating with each other through the internet and texting, Atom Egoyan conducted a series of workshops and interviews.
  2. Atom Egoyan first read a news article in 1986 about a Jordanian man who sent his pregnant Irish girlfriend on an El Al flight with a bomb in her luggage, without her knowledge. He encountered the story again in 2006 and decided that it would be a great material for a film about the extremism of terrorism and parental legacies.
  3. The character of Tom was originally written as being older, but when Scott Speedman read the script in Los Angeles and insisted on meeting with Atom Egoyan, the director revised his preconceptions about Tom's age and made him younger after the meeting.
  4. One of Atom Egoyan's goals with the film was to explore absences in the human condition, particularly through the perspective of Simon, who has grown up without his natural parents.
  5. Although the digital intermediate process had become an industry standard when the film was shot, Atom Egoyan wanted it to be color timed in the traditional photochemical way, as all his previous films had been. However, two reels ended up having to be timed digitally, due to dirt on the negative that had been introduced in the negative cutting stage.
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