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Storyline:   "In Cold Blood" is a 1967 American crime drama film directed by Richard Brooks. The movie is based on Truman Capote's non-fiction novel of the same name, which tells the chilling true story of the brutal murder of the Clutter family in Holcomb, Kansas, in 1959. The film follows the events leading up to and following the murders, as well as the investigation and subsequent capture of the two perpetrators, Richard 'Dick' Hickock (played by Scott Wilson) and Perry Smith (played by Robert Blake). The story explores the psychological and sociological aspects of the crime, delving into the minds of the killers and the impact their actions have on the community. As the film unfolds, it provides a harrowing portrayal of the Clutter family's last moments and the motivations that drove Hickock and Smith to commit such a heinous act. The movie explores themes of violence, disillusionment, and the search for meaning in a seemingly senseless world.

Through its gritty and realistic depiction, "In Cold Blood" captures the essence of Capote's groundbreaking novel. The film incorporates documentary-style elements, immersing the audience in the stark reality of the crime and its aftermath. It also delves into the lives of the perpetrators, examining their troubled backgrounds and exploring the complex factors that contributed to their descent into violence. The performances in "In Cold Blood" are particularly noteworthy, with Scott Wilson and Robert Blake delivering powerful and nuanced portrayals of the killers. The film's stark black-and-white cinematography adds to the haunting atmosphere and further emphasizes the grim nature of the story. "In Cold Blood" stands as a landmark in the true crime genre, blending elements of psychological drama and social commentary. It offers a chilling exploration of the human capacity for violence and the far-reaching consequences of one horrific act. The film remains a powerful and thought-provoking examination of a true crime story that continues to captivate and disturb audiences to this day.
In Cold Blood
Year : 1967
IMDB Rating: 8
Director: Richard Brooks
Top Billing Cast:  Scott Wilson as Dick Robert Blake as Perry Paul Frees as Radio Announcer or Officer Asking for Rap Sheet John Forsythe as Alvin Dewey

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In Cold Blood Trivia

  1. The family photos seen in the rooms of the house are real photos of the Clutter family members, adding an authentic touch to the film's depiction.
  2. The characters "Jenson" and "Narrator" are based on Truman Capote, who visited Kansas shortly after the murders to write a magazine article on the impact of the killings on the community. Capote formed a close bond with one of the killers, Perry Smith, during their time on death row.
  3. A serendipitous effect occurred during a scene where rain is reflected on Robert Blake's face, making it appear as if he is shedding tears. This effect was unplanned, as a fan near the simulated rain accidentally blew water against the window, creating the striking visual.
  4. The movie poster features pairs of eyes, which belong to the real killers, not the actors portraying them, emphasizing the chilling connection to the true events.
  5. Robert Blake's character makes references to "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre" (1948) in two scenes. Although many believe it was written into the script for Blake, it was actually Perry Smith's favorite movie, as noted by Truman Capote.
  6. In the jail scene at the end of the movie, a Life Magazine cover featuring Truman Capote, the author of the book on which the film is based, is displayed on the wall of Andy's cell.
  7. The elderly hitchhiker in the film was portrayed by Raymond Hatton, a seasoned character actor who had an extensive career spanning over a century. This role was his final appearance before retirement.
  8. The decision to film in black and white was a cost-saving measure, and director Richard Brooks believed it added to the bleakness of the story, avoiding the romanticism that color might bring.
  9. To achieve authenticity, the film was shot in all the actual locations, including the Clutter house and the real courtroom, where six of the actual jurors were used. Nancy Clutter's horse, Babe, also appeared in some scenes. However, the Kansas State Penitentiary facilities and gallows were not used, with the prison scenes shot in Colorado and the hanging scene on a Columbia soundstage.
  10. Sidney Poitier recommended Scott Wilson for the leading role to director Richard Brooks based on their previous collaboration on "In the Heat of the Night" (1967). Wilson was unaware of Poitier's recommendation until after he was cast.
  11. The two Clutter daughters who were not present during the massacre were not included in the film due to their trauma and the intrusion they felt a book and film about their family's murder would cause.
  12. The film was shot over a period of 129 days in the spring of 1967, including four weeks of filming at the Clutter family's farm. The family received $15,000 compensation for the disruption caused by the film crew.
  13. While Columbia wanted Elmer Bernstein to compose the score, director Richard Brooks insisted on hiring Quincy Jones, who composed the score in parallel with the filming process.
  14. Robert Blake, who portrayed the murderer Perry Smith, became involved in a real-life "true crime" case over three decades after the film's release. Blake's second wife, Bonnie Lee Bakley, was murdered in 2001, leading to a high-profile trial in which Blake was acquitted of murder but found liable in a civil suit and ordered to pay damages.
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