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Storyline:   "Scoop" is a 2006 comedy film written and directed by Woody Allen. The movie blends elements of comedy, mystery, and romance, typical of Allen's signature style. The story follows Sondra Pransky (played by Scarlett Johansson), a young American journalism student vacationing in London. During a magic show, she unexpectedly connects with the spirit of a recently deceased journalist, Joe Strombel (played by Ian McShane), who informs her of a potential scoop involving a high-profile murder case. With the help of an eccentric and bumbling magician named Sid Waterman (played by Woody Allen), Sondra embarks on a mission to investigate the murder and uncover the identity of the killer. As she gets closer to the truth, she becomes entangled in a web of intrigue, deception, and mistaken identities.

The film combines witty dialogue, humorous situations, and light-hearted satire as Sondra navigates her way through the world of journalism and criminal investigation. Along the way, she encounters a wealthy and charming aristocrat, Peter Lyman (played by Hugh Jackman), who becomes both a romantic interest and a suspect in the murder case. "Scoop" is characterized by its lighthearted and whimsical approach, with Woody Allen's trademark comedic style evident in the interactions between characters and the film's overall tone. Scarlett Johansson delivers a charming performance as the inquisitive Sondra, while Woody Allen's portrayal of the quirky magician adds humor and eccentricity to the story. The film's London setting and its mix of mystery and comedy pay homage to classic detective films and comedies of the past. While "Scoop" may not be considered one of Woody Allen's most critically acclaimed works, it still offers an enjoyable and entertaining experience for viewers who appreciate his comedic sensibilities and distinctive storytelling style.
Year : 2006
Genre : Comedy, Crime, Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Woody Allen
Top Billing Cast:  Scarlett Johansson as Sondra Pransky Hugh Jackman as Peter Lyman Woody Allen as Sid Waterman Ian McShane as Joe Strombel

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Scoop Trivia

  1. Actor Charles Dance disclosed that writer and director Woody Allen provided no specific instructions for his performance, and Dance was even asked to wear his own suit and tie to the set for his scene.

  2. The lead character, initially written as an adult journalist, was customized for Scarlett Johansson, a choice influenced by Woody Allen's perception of her untapped "funny" quality observed during their collaboration on Match Point (2005).

  3. This film is one of three from 2006 centered around magic and magicians. The other two are The Illusionist (2006) and The Prestige (2006), with the latter also featuring Hugh Jackman and Scarlett Johansson. Woody Allen received tutelage in magic and illusion from Scott Penrose for the movie.

  4. Sondra Pransky (Scarlett Johansson) studies journalism at the fictional Adair University, the same university from which Harry Block (Woody Allen) was expelled and later honored in Deconstructing Harry (1997). This university is also mentioned in Irrational Man (2015), where Abe Lucas (Joaquin Phoenix) taught philosophy.

  5. Margaret Tyzack, who portrayed one of the murdered characters in Match Point (2005), appears as one of Sidney's (Woody Allen's) co-passengers.

  6. This film, along with Hollywood Ending (2002), did not receive a U.K. theatrical release among Woody Allen's works.

  7. This movie marked Woody Allen's second London-based production following Match Point (2005). He continued with Cassandra's Dream (2007) and You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger (2010).

  8. The opening scene features journalists conversing in a bar, reminiscent of the style in Woody Allen's Broadway Danny Rose (1984), where characters discussed the title figure in a similar conversational manner.

  9. "Sincere sensation" is a term used by Woody Allen's character Sidney, which also appeared in Manhattan (1979). In this movie, it denotes a genuine reaction from a British audience, whereas in Manhattan, it carried a more ironic tone.

  10. Woody Allen's affinity for the name Sidney recurs, as seen in his character's name in the television series Crisis in Six Scenes (2016).

  11. Sidney's distinctive green and black micro-car is a Smart ForTwo, and his cell phone is a Motorola V180.

  12. The film received Italian censorship visa # 100207 on May 10, 2006.

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