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Storyline:   "Poltergeist Activity" is a 2015 horror film directed by Andrew Jones. The movie is a found footage-style horror story that revolves around a group of individuals who decide to investigate and document a series of unexplained supernatural occurrences in a reportedly haunted house. The story follows a young couple, Simon (played by Lee Bane) and Emma (played by Natalie Martins), who move into a seemingly idyllic countryside home with their daughter. However, as they settle in, they begin to experience strange and unsettling phenomena that they suspect might be linked to a malevolent presence. Determined to uncover the truth, Simon and Emma invite a team of paranormal investigators to the house. They set up cameras and other recording equipment to capture any potential evidence of supernatural activity. As they delve deeper into their investigation, they uncover dark secrets about the house's history and the sinister forces that may be at play.

"Poltergeist Activity" employs the found footage format, using the characters' recordings to create a sense of immediacy and immersion. The film relies on tension, suspense, and eerie visuals to create a chilling atmosphere, showcasing the characters' increasing fear and paranoia. It's worth noting that "Poltergeist Activity" is part of a subgenre of horror films that explore the supernatural through the lens of found footage. While the film may not have garnered significant mainstream attention, it caters to fans of low-budget horror and those who enjoy the tension and scares that found footage-style movies can provide. Overall, "Poltergeist Activity" offers a straightforward and spooky horror experience for viewers who enjoy supernatural-themed found footage films.
Poltergeist Activity
Year : 2015
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating: 3
Director: Andrew Jones
Top Billing Cast:  Lee Bane, Natalie Martins, Jared Morgan

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Poltergeist Activity Trivia

  1. The backstory shared by Mrs. Blankenship about the haunted house in the film is inspired by the real-life case of Mudhouse Mansion in Fairfield County, Ohio. The mansion, supposedly built in the 1870s, has a history of alleged incidents including a murder of a slave owner's family and a mass suicide by a later family who moved in. Despite being abandoned since the 1930s, Mudhouse Mansion was actually occupied until the 1960s and was demolished in 2015. However, no confirmed murders or suicides have been associated with the location.
  2. The character Hans Voltz in the movie is loosely based on Hans Holzer, an American paranormal researcher and author known for his work on supernatural subjects. He played a significant role in the Amityville case and inspired the Hans Voltz character, mentioned in the film as having been involved in the Amityville incident.
  3. The film was shot on location at Dewi Villa in Aberaeron, Mid Wales, with additional exterior scenes filmed in various areas of Swansea and South Wales.
  4. The backstory for the clown doll Otto is derived from the real-life case of Robert the Doll. An image of the actual Robert is shown in the opening credits. The producer of this film later made a feature film centered around Robert the Doll.
  5. The character Mrs. Blankenship pays homage to a character of the same name in Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers (1995).
  6. Ethel McKenzie's character is loosely inspired by real-life medium Ethel Johnson Meyers, who collaborated with Hans Holzer, including on the famous Amityville case.
  7. The film features music during the father and daughter attack scenes borrowed from the movie "The Entity," although it has been toned down for this film.
  8. The character Jim Ogilvie, the confrontational man interrogating Hans Voltz in the bookstore, is a nod to a character with the same name in The Stepfather (1987).
  9. There is a short scene involving Otto the Clown Doll after the end credits.
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