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Storyline:   Freeling family, who live in a suburban community, as they experience a series of paranormal events in their home. Strange occurrences escalate from moving furniture and objects, to spectral apparitions, and ultimately the abduction of their youngest daughter, Carol Anne, by malevolent spirits. The family enlists the help of a team of paranormal investigators to save their daughter and confront the malevolent forces responsible for the haunting. As the supernatural events intensify, the Freeling family must fight for their lives against a terrifying and powerful entity that seeks to consume them all. In the end, the family manages to rescue Carol Anne and escape the haunted house, but not without enduring psychological trauma from their harrowing experiences.
Year : 1982
Genre : Horror, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Steven Spielberg
Top Billing Cast:  Dominique Dunne as Dana Freeling JoBeth Williams as Diane Freeling Heather O'Rourke as Carol Anne Freeling Craig T. Nelson as Steve Freeling

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Poltergeist Trivia

  1. Drew Barrymore was considered for the role of Carol Anne, but producer Steven Spielberg wanted someone more angelic. It was Barrymore's audition for this role, however, that landed her the part of Gertie in E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (1982).
  2. During all the horrors that proceeded while filming "Poltergeist" (1982), only one scene really scared Heather O'Rourke: that in which she had to hold on to the headboard while a wind machine blew toys into the closet behind her. The young actress fell apart. Producer Steven Spielberg stopped everything, took her in his arms, and said that she would not have to do that scene again.
  3. Both of the terrors that plague Robbie came from Steven Spielberg's own fears as a child: a fear of clowns and a tree outside his window.
  4. (at around 43 mins) When Steve tells the parapsychologist his family members' ages, he says that Dana, his oldest daughter, is 16 and that his wife, Diane, is 32. Many viewers interpret this to mean that Diane was only 16 when she gave birth to Dana. However, the novelization of the film clarifies that Diane is Steve's second wife and that Dana is actually Diane's stepdaughter. But since that was never mentioned in the film, it doesn't apply.
  5. James Karen at the time was also the commercial spokesman for Pathmark supermarkets. He received hate mail from people saying they would never shop there again because of his character's treatment of the Freelings.
  6. Real human skeletons were used in the swimming pool scene, since the crew decided it would be too complicated and expensive to get fake ones. JoBeth Williams was not made aware of this until after the scene was finished.
  7. (at around 1h 35 mins) When Robbie (Oliver Robins) is being strangled, the clown's arms became extremely tight and Robins started to choke. When he screamed out, "I can't breathe!" Steven Spielberg and Tobe Hooper thought that the boy was ad-libbing and just instructed him to look at the camera. When Spielberg saw Robbins's face turning purple, he ran over and removed the clown's arms from Robbins' neck.
  8. In the movie, Heather O'Rourke took care of Carol Anne's pet goldfish.
  9. Westwood Memorial Park in Los Angeles is the final resting place for both Dominique Dunne (who played Dana Freeling) and Heather O'Rourke (who played Carol Anne Freeling). Dunne was tragically killed by her ex-boyfriend in the driveway of her West Hollywood home on October 30, 1982. She remained in a coma until her death on November 4 at the age of 22. On February 1, 1988, O'Rourke passed away from intestinal stenosis at the young age of 12.
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