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Storyline:   "The Pack (2015)" takes place in a remote Australian farming community struggling with economic hardships. The Taylor family, consisting of farmer Adam, his wife Carla, and their two children, are already on the verge of financial ruin when a series of mysterious and brutal attacks occur on their livestock. The local authorities are quick to dismiss the incidents as the work of wild dogs, but the Taylors suspect something more sinister. Faced with the impending loss of their livelihood, the Taylors take matters into their own hands and decide to confront the threat head-on. As they investigate, they discover that a pack of genetically modified and highly intelligent dingoes, originally designed as an experimental military project, has escaped into the wild. These creatures are not only cunning but also have an insatiable appetite for violence.

The Taylors find themselves in a race against time as the pack grows bolder, attacking not only livestock but also targeting the family directly. As they struggle to survive, the Taylors must overcome internal conflicts, trust issues, and the harsh Australian outback. Along the way, they form uneasy alliances with other farmers facing similar challenges. "The Pack" is a suspenseful thriller that combines elements of horror and survival drama. It explores the consequences of human interference with nature and the unpredictable outcomes of scientific experimentation. The film builds tension as the Taylors fight not only for their lives but also for the survival of their community. It is a gripping tale of resilience, family bonds, and the primal instincts that emerge in the face of a relentless and intelligent foe.
The Pack
Year : 2015
Genre : Horror, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Nick Robertson
Top Billing Cast:  Anna Lise Phillips as Carla Wilson

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The Pack Trivia

  1. Filming of 'The Pack' required Katie Moore to temporarily remove and then reapply her braces.
  2. Five attack dogs, specially trained, were brought from New South Wales to South Australia for their appearance in the movie.
  3. 'The Pack' shares its title with a 1977 film by Robert Clouse but stands as a distinct work, unrelated to the earlier movie, despite both featuring dog packs in a horror or thriller context.
  4. The movie draws inspiration from real-life accounts of wild dog attacks in rural and outback Australia.
  5. 'The Pack' marks the debut feature film for Breakout Movies, the production house behind its creation.
  6. Kojo Entertainment, a post-production house, sees 'The Pack' as its first venture into feature film production.
  7. Producers Kent Smith and Michael Robertson likened the film to a blend of "Straw Dogs" and "The Grey."
  8. The opening prologue of the movie sets the stage with the ominous statement: "Around the world packs of wild dogs roam freely, killing at will. Now they have developed the taste for a new prey...."
  9. In 2015, the film received the Australian Cinematographer's Society Gold Award for theatrical feature films.
  10. Nick Robertson makes his directorial debut with 'The Pack,' marking a significant milestone in his career.
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