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Storyline:   "Suburban Gothic 2014" takes place in a seemingly ordinary suburban neighborhood with an eerie underbelly. Raymond, a recent college graduate with a degree in anthropology, returns to his hometown to live with his parents while he figures out his next steps. Raymond is a skeptic, dismissing supernatural phenomena as mere superstitions. However, strange occurrences start happening in the neighborhood. Residents report bizarre sightings, mysterious noises, and unsettling events. Raymond's skeptical nature is put to the test when he discovers that his family home is haunted by restless spirits. Reluctantly, he teams up with Becca, an eccentric and unconventional local bartender with a deep knowledge of the occult.

As Raymond and Becca investigate the supernatural happenings, they uncover a dark secret tied to the town's history. The once-quiet suburb was built on a burial ground, and the disturbed spirits are seeking revenge for a long-buried injustice. The duo must navigate the quirky, supernatural characters that inhabit the town, from a quirky psychic to a mysterious old librarian who holds the key to the town's dark past. "Suburban Gothic 2014" is a horror-comedy that combines elements of mystery, paranormal investigation, and small-town charm. The film explores themes of belief, acceptance, and the unexpected connections that bind a community. As Raymond and Becca delve deeper into the mysteries of the town, they not only confront supernatural forces but also challenge their own preconceptions about the world. With a blend of humor, suspense, and unexpected twists, "Suburban Gothic 2014" provides a fresh take on the haunted house genre. The film's unique characters and witty dialogue add a layer of charm to the supernatural elements, making it an entertaining and memorable cinematic experience for audiences.
Suburban Gothic
Year : 2014
Genre : Comedy, Horror
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Richard Bates Jr.
Top Billing Cast:  Kat Dennings as Becca Jessica Camacho as Noelle Matthew Gray Gubler as Raymond Ray Santiago as Alberto

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Suburban Gothic Trivia

  1. Influences from Gothic Literature: The film draws inspiration from classic Gothic literature, blending horror elements with a comedic twist. The title "Suburban Gothic" itself is a nod to the Gothic genre.
  2. Crowdfunding Support: Parts of the movie were funded through a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. This allowed the filmmakers to engage with fans directly and generate interest in the project.
  3. Director's Cameo: Director Richard Bates Jr. makes a cameo appearance in the film as the character Doorman. This is a subtle nod to Hitchcock, who often made appearances in his own films.
  4. Matthew Gray Gubler's Musical Talent: Lead actor Matthew Gray Gubler, known for his role in "Criminal Minds," is not only an accomplished actor but also a talented painter, filmmaker, and musician. He contributed to the film's soundtrack.
  5. Kat Dennings' Return to Horror: Before "Suburban Gothic," Kat Dennings was known for her work in comedies like "The 40-Year-Old Virgin" and the TV series "2 Broke Girls." This film marked her return to the horror genre after her early role in "The House Bunny."
  6. Filming Location: The movie was filmed in Los Angeles, California. Despite its suburban setting, some scenes were shot in iconic locations around the city.
  7. Character Names: The characters in the film have names with subtle references to classic horror and supernatural themes. For instance, Raymond's last name, Gausse, is similar to the word "ghast," evoking a sense of the macabre.
  8. Artistic Collaboration: The film showcases a collaboration between the director, Richard Bates Jr., and the cinematographer, Lucas Lee Graham. The visual style of the movie is a testament to their creative partnership.
  9. Homage to Classic Horror Tropes: "Suburban Gothic" pays homage to classic horror tropes and iconography. There are several visual references to classic horror films, rewarding attentive viewers with Easter eggs.
  10. Cult Following: While the film may not have achieved mainstream success, it has garnered a cult following among fans of offbeat horror-comedy. Its unique blend of genres and quirky characters contribute to its appeal within niche audiences.
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