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Storyline:   "The Bronze 2015" follows the story of Hope Ann Greggory, a former Olympic gymnast who won a bronze medal in a competition years ago. Since her glory days, Hope's life has spiraled into a small-town rut where she revels in her past achievements and basks in local fame. As the town plans to celebrate its Olympic heritage, Hope is faced with the reality that her status as a local hero is fading. In a bid to reclaim her former glory, Hope reluctantly agrees to coach a talented young gymnast, Maggie Townsend, who dreams of making it to the Olympics. The film takes a comedic turn as Hope, with her unconventional coaching methods and abrasive personality, clashes with the town's expectations and Maggie's ambitious mother.

As Hope trains Maggie, she begins to rediscover her own passion for gymnastics and confront the mistakes she made in her own career. Simultaneously, a charming and persistent gymnastics coach from a rival town, Lance Tucker, emerges as a potential love interest for Hope. This adds a layer of romantic tension and rivalry to the story, complicating Hope's journey of self-discovery. "The Bronze 2015" combines humor with heart as it explores themes of redemption, mentorship, and the importance of embracing change. The film navigates the challenges of letting go of past glories and finding new meaning and purpose in life. With a mix of laugh-out-loud moments and poignant scenes, "The Bronze 2015" is a feel-good comedy that ultimately celebrates the resilience of the human spirit and the transformative power of second chances.
The Bronze
Year : 2015
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Sport
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Bryan Buckley
Top Billing Cast:  Sebastian Stan as Lance Melissa Rauch as Hope Gary Cole as Stan Haley Lu Richardson as Maggie

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The Bronze Trivia

  1. The film subtly refers to the Olympics, avoiding explicit use of the word and symbol due to strict control by the Olympic Committee.
  2. Sebastian Stan, taking on the majority of his own stunts in the movie, showcases his dedication to the role.
  3. Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu, an Ohio resident, makes a cameo in the film set in Amherst, near Cleveland.
  4. All eateries featured in the movie, such as Hastee Tastee and Quarry Cafe, are real places, while Pavleck's gym, once a pizza parlor, was demolished in 2016.
  5. To prevent trademark issues, fictional competition cities in the movie are named Rome and Toronto, instead of the actual 2004 and 2016 Olympic host cities.
  6. Melissa Rauch used a body double for a nude scene, a decision she found humorous, while co-star Sebastian Stan performed the scene himself.
  7. Lead actress Melissa Rauch collaborated with her husband, Winston Rauch, to co-write the film.
  8. The movie was shot in a remarkably short period, completing the production in just 22 days.
  9. Despite playing Haley Lu Richardson's mother, Cecily Strong is only 12 years older than Richardson.
  10. Park Lanes, a real bowling alley in Amherst, is featured in the film, located on Park Avenue adjacent to Main Street.
  11. Amherst, Ohio, is known as the "Sandstone capital of the world," even though local sports teams are named "Comets," not "Sandstoners."
  12. Cecily Strong's character is meant to be older than Hope, but in reality, Strong is younger than both Melissa Rauch and Sebastian Stan.
  13. The real Midway Mall near Amherst no longer has a Sbarro, as the chain closed shortly after filming.
  14. The movie concludes with Hope's rap playing over the ending credits.
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