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Storyline:   "The Lion in Winter" is a historical drama set in 1183 and revolves around the complex relationships within the royal family of King Henry II of England. The film takes place during Christmas at the medieval castle of Chinon, where King Henry has allowed his estranged wife, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine, to visit from her imprisonment. The main plot revolves around the power struggle and scheming within the royal family. King Henry, played by Peter O'Toole, is a formidable and ambitious ruler. He is faced with the challenge of choosing his successor from among his three sons: Richard, Geoffrey, and John. The film explores the political and personal conflicts between Henry and Eleanor, brilliantly portrayed by Katharine Hepburn, who is vying for her favorite son to ascend the throne.

Amidst the political intrigue and maneuvering for the crown, there is a subplot involving the King of France, King Philip II, played by Timothy Dalton. King Philip has his own interests and alliances, adding an additional layer of complexity to the political landscape. The film is known for its sharp and witty dialogue, as well as the intense performances by O'Toole and Hepburn. The characters' interactions are laced with manipulation, betrayal, and moments of genuine emotion. The setting of the medieval castle adds to the atmosphere of political tension and familial discord. "The Lion in Winter" is a riveting portrayal of power dynamics, family conflicts, and political intrigue set against the backdrop of a medieval Christmas. The film is celebrated for its strong performances, particularly the dynamic between O'Toole and Hepburn, and its exploration of the timeless themes of power, love, and betrayal in the context of royal politics.
The Lion In Winter
Year : 1968
IMDB Rating: 8
Director: Anthony Harvey
Top Billing Cast:  Anthony Hopkins as Richard Timothy Dalton as Philip II Katharine Hepburn as Eleanor of Aquitaine Peter O'Toole as Henry II

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The Lion In Winter Trivia

  1. Katharine Hepburn effortlessly took charge on set, urging Peter O'Toole to sit and appear more respectable, despite his reputation as a challenging presence. O'Toole, in her presence, admitted feeling reduced and tormented, but she insisted they would get along well, appreciating his Irish humor.
  2. Descended from Eleanor of Aquitaine through various family lines, Katharine Hepburn had a royal lineage connected to both Eleanor's marriages to Louis VII, King of France, and Henry II, King of England.
  3. As of 2023, Katharine Hepburn stands as the sole recipient of four Academy Awards for acting, triumphing in films like Morning Glory (1933), Guess Who's Coming to Dinner (1967), this movie, and On Golden Pond (1981).
  4. Director Anthony Harvey and art director Peter Murton strived for authenticity, creating drafty, dirty castles for the film's royal characters.
  5. Katharine Hepburn, unafraid to assert herself, criticized Peter O'Toole and Anthony Hopkins for appearing on set under the influence.
  6. Katharine Hepburn, despite being an admirer of Peter O'Toole's work, warned him on the first day to be punctual and well-rested, setting expectations for their collaboration.
  7. Timothy Dalton made his theatrical movie debut as King Philip II, impressing producers who later offered him the role of James Bond, which he declined.
  8. Timothy Dalton was greatly impressed by Katharine Hepburn, who took time on her days off to shoot reverse angles with him, a task typically handled by stand-ins.
  9. Immersing herself in the role of Eleanor of Aquitaine, Katharine Hepburn embraced the character's toughness and expressed admiration for "big-time operators" like Eleanor and Henry.
  10. Despite Katharine Hepburn's stern warnings, Peter O'Toole's late arrivals, and Anthony Hopkins mimicking his voice off-camera, O'Toole's vigor and energy had a positive impact on Hepburn during the filming.
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