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Storyline:   "The Adderall Diaries" is a drama film released in 2015 that tells the story of a writer named Stephen Elliott, who is struggling with writer's block and a troubled past. The film opens with Stephen working on a book about a high-profile murder case, but he finds himself increasingly distracted by his personal life. He is in a tumultuous relationship with a woman named Lana, and he is haunted by memories of his estranged father, who was physically and emotionally abusive. As Stephen tries to make sense of his past and present, he becomes involved in a legal battle with his father over ownership of their family home. At the same time, he becomes fascinated with a young man named Hans, who is on trial for murder.

As the film progresses, Stephen's personal life becomes increasingly intertwined with the murder case and his own past. He begins to question his own memories and reality, and he becomes obsessed with finding the truth about the murder and his relationship with his father. "The Adderall Diaries" is a complex and emotionally charged film, with a standout performance by James Franco as Stephen Elliott. The film explores themes such as memory, trauma, and the creative process, and raises important questions about the nature of truth and personal identity.
The Adderall Diaries
Year : 2015
Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Pamela Romanowsky
Top Billing Cast:  Amber Heard as Lana Edmond James Franco as Stephen Elliott Christian Slater as Hans Reiser Wilmer Valderrama as Josh

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The Adderall Diaries Trivia

  1. The Adderall Diaries is a movie based on a true-crime memoir book of the same name by Stephen Elliott, which is about the Hans Reiser murder case.
  2. Stephen Elliott, who wrote the memoir, is played by James Franco in the movie. However, Elliott gave the film a negative review, stating that it had little in common with his memoir and questioning why the character was named after him.
  3. The Hans Reiser case is a true story about an American computer programmer and entrepreneur who was convicted of first-degree murder in the death of his wife, Nina Reiser, in 2008.
  4. The Adderall Diaries is the second film James Franco has starred in that was released by A24, the first being "Spring Breakers."
  5. The movie features three Oscar-nominated actors: Ed Harris, James Franco, and Timothée Chalamet.
  6. The Adderall Diaries premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival on April 16, 2015. The distribution rights were later acquired by A24 Films and DirecTV Cinema, and it premiered on DirecTV before its theatrical and video on demand release.
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