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Storyline:   "The Girl from Rio" is a 1969 action-adventure film set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The film follows the story of Jeff Sutton, a wealthy American businessman who travels to Rio in search of a rare mineral. Along the way, he meets a beautiful woman named Maria, who becomes his ally in the quest for the mineral. As Jeff and Maria navigate the dangerous world of Rio, they encounter a variety of obstacles, including corrupt government officials, rival treasure hunters, and violent criminals. Through it all, they rely on their wits and courage to stay alive and achieve their goal. Filled with colorful characters and thrilling action sequences, "The Girl from Rio" captures the spirit of adventure and excitement of 1960s cinema. Will Jeff and Maria succeed in finding the valuable mineral, or will their enemies prove too powerful to overcome? Watch the film to find out!
The Girl From Rio
Year : 1969
Genre : Action, Adventure
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Jesús Franco
Top Billing Cast:  Shirley Eaton as Sumitra George Sanders as Masius

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