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Storyline:   "Carnival of Souls" is a classic horror film from 1962 that tells the story of Mary, a young woman who survives a car accident but begins to experience strange visions and eerie encounters afterwards. As she tries to move on with her life and take a job as a church organist, Mary is haunted by the mysterious appearance of a ghostly figure that seems to follow her everywhere she goes. As her visions become more frequent and intense, Mary begins to question her sanity and the reality of her surroundings. With the help of a psychiatrist and a kind stranger, she sets out to uncover the truth behind her haunting experiences and the mysterious carnival that seems to have a hold on her. With its eerie atmosphere and haunting score, "Carnival of Souls" takes viewers on a chilling journey into the unknown as Mary confronts the dark forces that threaten to consume her.
Carnival Of Souls
Year : 1962
Genre : Horror, Mystery
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Herk Harvey
Top Billing Cast: 

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Carnival Of Souls Trivia

  1. During the making of the film, director Herk Harvey revealed that one reel of footage was destroyed during processing. The reel contained a long sequence of shots that was supposed to precede Mary's sighting of the "souls" dancing in the ballroom. In the shots, the ghouls were to slowly emerge from behind the rotting dock pylons on the salt flats, walk across the prairie, and then begin to dance in the ballroom. Unfortunately, due to overexposure, the footage could not be used in the film.
  2. After watching the film, Candace Hilligoss' agent refused to represent her further.
  3. The damage to the bridge in the opening scene of the film cost Herk Harvey $12. In order to be granted permission to film in Lecompton, KS, only the bridge's railing needed to be replaced.
  4. According to an article in the 9/15/1997 edition of "Variety," director George A. Romero credited "Carnival of Souls" as the inspiration behind his own film "Night of the Living Dead" (1968).
  5. Herk Harvey's film crew consisted of only five people besides himself.
  6. Despite its initial failure upon its theatrical release in 1962, the film gained a significant following after being shown on late-night television. It is now considered a landmark in psychological horror.
  7. The shots of the "ghouls" rising from the Great Salt Lake were actually filmed in an apartment complex swimming pool near Herk Harvey's house in Lawrence, KS.
  8. The absence of a copyright notice on the film's prints resulted in it being placed automatically into the public domain in the US.
  9. Candace Hilligoss revealed that the river water she was submerged in during the finale of the film was extremely cold, and she had to be in the water for several hours to get the final shots. One of the actresses lying beside her can be seen trembling from the cold water.
  10. The story for the film was inspired by an episode of "The Twilight Zone" called "The Hitch-Hiker" (1960).
  11. Both director Herk Harvey and writer John Clifford waived their earnings to keep the film's budget initially low at $30,000.
  12. At the "Carnival of Souls" reunion in 1989, Herk Harvey wore the ghoul makeup from the film for interviews.
  13. In the late 1980s, Candace Hilligoss wrote a treatment for a sequel to the film, which she presented to Peter Soby Jr. However, Soby Jr. decided to produce a remake instead, "Carnival of Souls" (1998), without Hilligoss' involvement.
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