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Storyline:   "The Mod Squad" is a 1999 action thriller film directed by Scott Silver and starring Claire Danes, Giovanni Ribisi, and Omar Epps. The movie is based on the 1968 television series of the same name and follows three young delinquents who are recruited by the police to become undercover agents. The trio, Julie (Danes), Pete (Ribisi), and Linc (Epps), are all former juvenile delinquents with troubled pasts. They are given a chance at redemption by Captain Greer (played by Dennis Farina), who offers them the opportunity to become part of a special team of undercover officers known as "The Mod Squad".

Their first mission involves investigating a drug ring that is operating in their hometown of Los Angeles. As they infiltrate the dangerous world of drugs and crime, they quickly discover that they are in over their heads and must rely on their unique skills and bond as a team to survive. As the case unfolds, they must also confront their own personal demons and past mistakes. Julie, in particular, must come to terms with her troubled relationship with her mother and her own history of drug abuse. "The Mod Squad" is a fast-paced and entertaining action film that combines elements of crime, drama, and suspense. It features strong performances from its talented cast and explores themes of redemption, loyalty, and the power of teamwork.
The Mod Squad
Year : 1999
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Scott Silver
Top Billing Cast:  Claire Danes as Julie Josh Brolin as Billy Giovanni Ribisi as Pete Richard Jenkins as Mothershed

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The Mod Squad Trivia

  1. During the filming of "The Mod Squad" in 1999, Omar Epps expressed his strong dislike for the tight denim Levi's clothes provided for him and the cast. He revealed in interviews that his discomfort was evident on screen, as he wore a frown and grimace facial expression in some scenes. Levi's customized the clothing for the film and even released denim commercials featuring Epps, Claire Danes, and Giovanni Ribisi after the film's release.

  2. Julie Barnes was a significant role in the film, and many actresses were considered for the part, including Sarah Michelle Gellar and Milla Jovovich. It's unclear why they didn't end up with the role, but it eventually went to Claire Danes.

  3. Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris, the directors of "Little Miss Sunshine," turned down the offer to direct "The Mod Squad." It's uncertain why they turned down the opportunity to work on the film.

  4. Melissa Joan Hart was also considered for the role of Julie Barnes. However, it's unclear why she didn't get the part, and Claire Danes was ultimately cast instead.

  5. "The Mod Squad" failed to impress critics, receiving negative reviews upon its release. Many viewers of the original TV series were disappointed, as they felt that the film was only "Mod Squad" in name, with little resemblance to the original show.

  6. The film's soundtrack features a diverse mix of genres, including alternative rock, hip-hop, and pop music. The soundtrack includes songs from artists like Smash Mouth, Moby, and Limp Bizkit.

  7. Michael Lasker wrote the screenplay for the film, which was his only feature film credit. He later became a producer and worked on TV shows like "True Blood" and "The Leftovers."

  8. The film's budget was approximately $50 million, but it only grossed around $15 million domestically. It was considered a box office failure.

  9. Giovanni Ribisi, who played Peter Cochran in the film, was initially cast in the role of Billy Hitchcock. However, he convinced the director to switch his role with actor Clarence Williams III, who was originally cast as Peter Cochran.

  10. The film includes several nods to the original TV series, including appearances by Peggy Lipton and Clarence Williams III, who played Julie and Linc on the show. There are also references to the show's theme song and other elements from the original series.

  11. Claire Danes was nominated for a Razzie Award for Worst Supporting Actress for her role in "The Mod Squad." However, she didn't win the award.

  12. The film was shot on location in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, which served as a stand-in for Los Angeles.

  13. The film features several high-speed car chases, which were achieved through a combination of practical stunts and CGI effects. The film's visual effects team was nominated for a Visual Effects Society Award for their work on the film.

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