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The War Zone

The War Zone

Year : 1999
Genre : Drama, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Tim Roth
Top Billing Cast:  Tilda Swinton as Mum Colin Farrell as Nick Ray Winstone as Dad Kate Ashfield as Lucy
About:  Tom, a moody 15-year-old, and his 18-year-old sister, Jessie, are abruptly uprooted from bustling London to a serene but isolated cottage in rural Devon. Despite their loving father and recently born sibling, a glimpse of a shocking and carefully concealed family secret sends Tom spiraling through emotions of disbelief, anger, and despair. The mystery is so heinous that it has the potential to devastate the entire family.
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The War Zone Trivia

  1. At a public screening of this movie during the 1999 Toronto International Film Festival, one viewer was so upset and devastated that he rose to his feet and shouted that he couldn't take any more, then headed for the exit, intending to pull the fire alarm. Director Tim Roth, who was in attendance, intercepted him at the door, and it took 20 minutes of intense conversation to calm the man down.
  2. Tilda Swinton had just given birth to twins before starring in this film, which was helpful for the film, where the display of the bodies play an important role, and her character had also just given birth.
  3. Alexander Stuart: "Once my son was diagnosed with cancer, I had this huge amount of pain and anger about how this could happen to the child I loved so much. And I definitely directed that into The War Zone. I wrote it differently than anything I've written. I would rush back to the house while he was in chemotherapy and just write for two hours. I almost felt as if I were channeling it."
  4. Directorial debut of Tim Roth. As of 2021, it is his only film as a director.
  5. Tim Roth was so apprehensive at the film's debut at Sundance, he and Ray Winstone did tequila shots in the projectionist's booth to calm their nerves.
  6. Ray Winstone and Tilda Swinton's characters are only referred to as mum and dad. This was a deliberate choice by Tim Roth so they would only be known as parents and not be referenced in any other context.
  7. A newly updated and fully revised 20th Anniversary Edition of The War Zone (novel) was published in 2009, including both the original British and American opening chapters, an afterword by Tim Roth and a Diary of the Making of the Film by Alexander Stuart.
  8. Despite the fact that this was shot with J-D-C anamorphic lenses, "Filmed in Panavision" is listed in the end credits.

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