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Storyline:   "Urge" is a 2016 psychological thriller film directed by Aaron Kaufman. The movie revolves around a group of friends who embark on a weekend getaway to a luxurious private island. However, their vacation takes a dark turn when they are introduced to a new designer drug called "Urge." The film centers around the character of Neil (played by Pierce Brosnan), a mysterious and enigmatic figure who serves as the host of the island and the supplier of the drug. Neil entices the group of friends, including Jason (played by Justin Chatwin), Theresa (played by Ashley Greene), and Denise (played by Alexis Knapp), to try the new and powerful substance. Initially, the drug appears to offer an exhilarating experience, allowing its users to indulge in their most primal desires without any consequences. However, as the effects of "Urge" begin to take hold, the group soon realizes that they have become trapped in a nightmarish and addictive spiral.

As the line between reality and fantasy blurs, the friends find themselves descending into a world of violence, chaos, and moral decay. They become consumed by their deepest and darkest urges, leading to disastrous consequences and threatening their very lives. "Urge" explores themes of addiction, temptation, and the loss of control over one's desires. It delves into the psychological effects of a powerful drug and its ability to manipulate and corrupt individuals. The film raises questions about the nature of free will and the consequences of indulging in unchecked impulses. Pierce Brosnan delivers a compelling performance as the enigmatic Neil, adding an air of intrigue and menace to the film. The ensemble cast, including Justin Chatwin, Ashley Greene, and Alexis Knapp, skillfully portrays the descent into madness and the inner struggles of their characters. With its dark and unsettling atmosphere, "Urge" presents a cautionary tale about the dangers of surrendering to one's urges and the potential consequences of uncontrolled desires. The film challenges viewers to consider the limits of their own self-control and the potential consequences of giving in to their most forbidden temptations.
Year : 2016
Genre : Thriller
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Aaron Kaufman
Top Billing Cast:  Pierce Brosnan as The Man Ashley Greene as Theresa Alexis Knapp as Joey Justin Chatwin as Jason Brettner

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Urge Trivia

  1. Pierce Brosnan was on-set for only three days to complete shooting his scenes. Despite his limited time on set, Brosnan's portrayal of "The Man" in "Urge" left a lasting impact on the film. His character's enigmatic presence and sinister influence play a crucial role in driving the narrative forward. Brosnan's ability to deliver a compelling performance within such a short period is a testament to his talent and experience as an actor.
  2. "Urge" features an after-credits scene. After the main story concludes, viewers who stay until the end of the credits are rewarded with an additional scene. These post-credits scenes have become a popular feature in many films, offering extra content or teasing potential sequels or spin-offs. In the case of "Urge," the after-credits scene may provide further insight or leave audiences with a lingering question or cliffhanger.
  3. "Urge" marks Danny Masterson's last film role before his arrest for sexual assault and the resulting criminal trial. Masterson, known for his previous work in television shows like "That '70s Show," played a significant role in "Urge." However, his involvement in the film is now associated with the controversy surrounding his personal life. The circumstances surrounding Masterson's legal situation may have impacted the reception and perception of his performance in "Urge."
  4. During a confrontation, The Man (Pierce Brosnan) delivers a line that references the lyrics of Nina Simone's song "Sinnerman," featured in The Thomas Crown Affair (1999), starring Brosnan. This connection creates an interesting intertextual reference within the film. By incorporating elements from Brosnan's previous work, "Urge" establishes a subtle link to the actor's past roles and adds depth to his character's dialogue.
  5. The hoodie worn by a character in the film displays the coordinates 40.6700 North and 73.9400 West, referring to New York City's West Heart Anchor. This specific location holds significance and may carry symbolic or personal meaning within the context of the story. Additionally, the hoodie featuring these coordinates has become a popular logo that can be ordered online, reflecting the film's influence on merchandise and pop culture.
  6. The word 'Epic' is said 25 times throughout the film. This repetition of the word may serve various purposes, such as emphasizing the grandeur or significance of certain moments or events. The repeated use of the word 'Epic' can contribute to the film's overall tone and thematic exploration, highlighting the characters' pursuit of extraordinary experiences and the consequences that follow.
  7. In early versions of the script, taking 'Urge' would remove the user's inhibition to say racial slurs. This detail reveals an aspect of the drug's effects that was considered during the development of the film's concept. However, it's important to note that such a storyline or element may have been modified or removed in later versions or during the production process.
  8. Renee Harbek was offered the role of Mother but couldn't accept the role due to filming conflicts. Harbek's potential involvement in "Urge" highlights the casting process and the challenges of securing the right actors for specific roles. While she was unable to join the project, the eventual casting decision for the character of Mother played a crucial role in shaping the dynamics and performances within the film.
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