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500 MPH Storm

500 MPH Storm

Year : 2013
IMDB Rating: 2
Director: Daniel Lusko
Top Billing Cast:  Casper Van Dien as Nathan Sims Michael Beach as Simon Caprisi Sarah Minnich as Balloon Fiesta Patron Sarah Lieving as Mona Sims
About:  "500 MPH Storm" is a 2013 disaster film directed by Daniel Lusko. As the title suggests, the film revolves around an extreme weather event involving hurricane-like winds with speeds of 500 miles per hour. The story is set in a near-future world where climate change has caused an increase in extreme weather phenomena. When a series of massive storms threatens the Earth with winds of unprecedented velocity, a climatologist, Dr. Nathan Sims (played by Casper Van Dien), must work to prevent a global catastrophe. As the storms intensify and wreak havoc across the planet, Dr. Sims and his team race against time to develop a plan to neutralize the impending superstorm. Their efforts involve using experimental technology to combat the extreme weather conditions and prevent the destruction of cities and civilization as we know it.

"500 MPH Storm" is characterized by its depiction of extreme weather events and disaster scenarios. The film combines elements of science fiction with disaster film tropes and special effects to create a thrilling and action-packed narrative. While "500 MPH Storm" may not have received critical acclaim and is known for its somewhat sensationalized portrayal of weather-related disasters, it can appeal to viewers who enjoy disaster-themed movies and are willing to suspend disbelief for the sake of action and suspense. It falls within the category of popcorn entertainment and is part of the tradition of disaster films that explore the consequences of natural forces unleashed on a massive scale.
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500 MPH Storm Trivia

  1. At 28:41, neither of the vehicles involved in the collision has an engine, suggesting that the film crew may have flatbedded the two junkers to the site for the scene.
  2. At 24:45, a character mentions the need to get off the continent, but the opening scene suggests that the research station is on a rig in the Gulf of Mexico, not on the continent.
  3. The film does not have a Wikipedia page, which is unusual for many movies.
  4. There are discrepancies between the exterior appearance of the helicopter and the interior shots. The helicopter exterior appears to be different from the Robinson R44 shown in the interior shots.
  5. At 9:00, the family car has no rear license plate, but by 10:55, it suddenly has one.
  6. At 31:20, the characters are shown driving on the wrong side of the double yellow lines.
  7. At 15:30, there's a discrepancy between what the radio reporter is saying and the English captions. "Destruction" is replaced with "distraction" in the captions.
  8. At 59:00, there's an error in the English captions where "It's over" is incorrectly written as "Its over."
  9. At 40:16, there's another error in the English subtitles where "its" is used instead of "it's."
  10. A factual point is made that hurricanes form over water, and when they form over land, they are called tornadoes.

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