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Storyline:   "Lawman" is a 1971 Western film directed by Michael Winner. The film is set in the American West and stars Burt Lancaster as the titular lawman, Jered Maddox. The story is set in the town of Sabbath, which has long been a haven for lawbreakers and outlaws. Sabbath's lawlessness has persisted unchecked for years, but when an accidental shooting leads to the death of an innocent bystander, Marshal Jered Maddox arrives in town to bring the responsible parties to justice. Maddox is a no-nonsense and principled lawman who is determined to uphold the law, even at the cost of lives. He demands that the town's powerful cattle baron, Vincent Bronson (played by Lee J. Cobb), turn over the men responsible for the shooting. Bronson, however, is not inclined to hand over his men, and tensions escalate as Maddox stands firm in his pursuit of justice.

"Lawman" is characterized by its exploration of themes related to law and order, justice, and the consequences of violence. The film portrays a morally complex world in which the pursuit of justice can lead to further bloodshed and tragedy. Burt Lancaster delivers a memorable performance as Marshal Maddox, a character who embodies the archetype of the principled lawman willing to uphold the law, even in the face of resistance and danger. The film's supporting cast includes prominent actors like Robert Ryan and Robert Duvall. "Lawman" is considered a noteworthy entry in the Western genre and is appreciated for its nuanced portrayal of morality and its exploration of the complexities of enforcing the law in a lawless land. It reflects the changing tone and themes of Western films in the early 1970s, moving away from traditional heroics and presenting a more morally ambiguous view of the Old West.
Year : 1971
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Michael Winner
Top Billing Cast:  Robert Duvall as Vernon Adams Burt Lancaster as Bannock Marshal Jared Maddox Ralph Waite as Jack Dekker Wilford Brimley as Marc Corman

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Lawman Trivia

  1. Some scenes in "Lawman" were shot in the same Western location town as Howard Hawks's final film, "Rio Lobo" (1970). Director Michael Winner recalls that the crews of both films met in the middle of the town, evoking a Western showdown, but without guns.
  2. In a scene where Maddox (Burt Lancaster) is taking Vernon Adams (Robert Duvall) in after wounding him, they pass by a horse being eaten by coyotes. You can see the front two legs tied on one coyote, indicating that this was a film prop.
  3. Lee J. Cobb, known for wearing a hairpiece in his films, agreed not to wear one for "Lawman" at the request of director Michael Winner.
  4. During pre-production, director Michael Winner had a memorable incident where he went for a pee in the darkness instead of using a caravan with toilets. Unknowingly, he relieved himself over a Mexican crew member who was sleeping on the floor, causing the man to wake up shouting and grabbing a knife. Winner described this as the scariest experience of his career in his autobiography.
  5. There was a serious argument between Burt Lancaster and director Michael Winner during the filming of a scene in which Lancaster shoots a horse. Lancaster used a Colt 45 for the first take, and after a break, he resumed the scene with a Winchester 73 rifle. Winner, concerned about continuity, reminded Lancaster of the change, leading to a heated exchange. Lancaster even threatened to throw Winner off a cliff. To resolve the issue, Winner agreed to say that Lancaster had used a rifle for the first take, but later, during the rushes, Lancaster admitted to using both the Colt 45 and the Winchester, causing further disagreement.
  6. According to the hotel ledger in the film, Maddox checks in on Friday, May 13, 1887, adding a touch of superstition to the storyline.
  7. "Lawman" marked the debut of actor Richard Jordan.
  8. In a tradition of actors appearing in early roles as corpses, Wilford Brimley had a small early role as a corpse in this movie.
  9. Richard Jordan and Burt Lancaster, who appeared together in "Lawman," previously worked together in "Valdez Is Coming" (1971).
  10. United Artists released "Lawman" as part of a double bill with "The Organization" (1971).
  11. Joseph Wiseman and Burt Lancaster, both in "Lawman," had previously appeared together in "The Unforgiven" (1960).
  12. While working on "Lawman," Robert Duvall discovered his love for soccer, a passion that became legendary in his later years.
  13. "Lawman" is considered one of Burt Lancaster's best Westerns and is often praised as one of the best Westerns ever made.
  14. Albert Salmi, who played Harvey Stenbagh, one of the cowboys in the film, tragically murdered his estranged second wife, Roberta, in 1990, before taking his own life.
  15. Ralph Waite, known for playing John Dekker in "Lawman," later became famous for his role as the loving and nurturing father on the television series "The Waltons."
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