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Storyline:   "Angel Town" is a 1990 action-drama film directed by Eric Karson. The movie centers around Jacques "JC" Quinn (played by Olivier Gruner), a French kickboxing champion who travels to Los Angeles to pursue his education in architecture at a university. Upon arriving in Angel Town, JC quickly realizes that the neighborhood where he lives is plagued by gang violence and drug trafficking. He witnesses firsthand the hardships and injustices faced by the local community, including his fellow students and neighbors. As JC immerses himself in the new environment, he finds himself drawn into the struggles of the residents.

He becomes determined to make a difference and restore peace to the troubled neighborhood. With his exceptional martial arts skills, JC takes it upon himself to stand up against the ruthless gangs and fight for justice. Along the way, JC forms alliances with a diverse group of individuals, including a dedicated police officer and a compassionate community activist. Together, they work to expose the corruption that fuels the violence and seek to create a safer and more harmonious community. "Angel Town" combines thrilling martial arts sequences with social commentary on urban decay and the power of community solidarity. It addresses issues of inequality, gang culture, and the resilience of individuals who refuse to be silenced or victimized.

Olivier Gruner delivers an impressive performance as JC, showcasing his athleticism and martial arts expertise. The film also features a talented ensemble cast, including Theresa Saldana, Peter Kwong, and James Hong, who bring depth to their respective roles. Through its action-packed scenes, "Angel Town" highlights the importance of unity, perseverance, and the belief that one person can make a difference. It explores themes of empowerment, social justice, and the transformative power of taking a stand against injustice. Overall, "Angel Town" offers an entertaining mix of martial arts action and social commentary, delivering an inspiring story of an outsider's fight for justice in a troubled community.
Angel Town
Year : 1990
Genre : Action, Drama
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Eric Karson
Top Billing Cast:  Mark Dacascos as Stoner's Driver Theresa Saldana as Maria Peter Kwong as Henry Gregory Cruz as Stoner

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Angel Town Trivia

  1. The producers initially developed the film as a potential Jean-Claude Van Damme vehicle, indicating their original intention for the casting of the lead role.
  2. During the film's first weekend of theatrical release, a gang brawl occurred at a drive-in theater in Westminster, California, adding a notable incident to the movie's initial release.
  3. Although a sequel was planned, it never came to fruition. However, in certain parts of Europe, the 1992 film "Juice" was released as "Angel Town 2." It is uncertain whether "Juice" was originally intended as the sequel or if it was rebranded as such for marketing purposes.
  4. In the location portraying the interior of 'Lee's Gym' in the film, dark arrows and dots can be seen on the wood floor area. This building was previously a bowling alley called Van Nuys Bowling Center, which was converted into a kickboxing gym within a year of the movie's filming. The arrows and dots were remnants of the bowling lanes and became part of the gym's floor.
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