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Storyline:   In a bar, a timid young executive named Michael is about to be attacked by a jealous partner when a mysterious and attractive stranger intervenes and then vanishes. Later that evening, while jogging, Michael encounters the stranger at a pier and is introduced to him as Alex. The two then go to an underground club and within a few days, Alex infiltrates Michael's life and upends it. However, Michael doesn't recognize the dangerous nature of Alex until it's too late.
Bad Influence
Year : 1990
Genre : Drama, Thriller
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Curtis Hanson
Top Billing Cast:  James Spader as Michael Boll Rob Lowe as Alex David Duchovny as Club Goer with Glasses John de Lancie as Howard

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Bad Influence Trivia

  1. Rob Lowe prepared for his role by extensively viewing footage of the infamous serial killer Ted Bundy.
  2. James Spader and Christian Clemenson appeared as brothers in this movie and later teamed up again in "Boston Legal" (2004), where they played colleagues who develop a strong friendship.
  3. David Koepp wrote the script without representation, during a time when he did not have an agent.
  4. Matthew Broderick, Tom Cruise, and Robert Downey Jr. declined the offer to play Michael Boll.
  5. In Chapter 17 of Rob Lowe's memoir "Stories I Only Tell My Friends," he recounts being at church rehearsals when he approved his make-up artist, Sheryl Berkoff, whom he recognized from a previous blind date. He married her in 1991. He also shares that "Bad Influence" was initially sent to producer Steve Tisch as a writing sample, and Lowe was originally interested in playing Michael before being convinced by David Koepp to take on the role of Alex. He reflects on Tom Brokaw leading the evening news with the Rob Lowe sex tape scandal, followed by news of Tiananmen Square.
  6. The film received unexpected attention due to its release coinciding with the unveiling of Rob Lowe's notorious sex tape.
  7. Both Nicolas Cage and Kevin Costner were considered for the role of Alex.
  8. Patricia Arquette declined the opportunity to play Claire.
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