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Storyline:   "The Shepherd of the Hills" is a 1941 drama film directed by Henry Hathaway and based on the novel of the same name by Harold Bell Wright. The film is known for its picturesque Ozark Mountains setting and its exploration of themes of redemption and forgiveness. Set in the Ozarks of Missouri, the story follows a reclusive and mysterious man named Daniel Howitt (played by John Wayne) who is known as the "Shepherd of the Hills" by the local community. He is haunted by a tragic past and harbors a deep secret that has caused him great pain. Young Matt Matthews (played by Harry Carey Jr.), a local boy who has never met his father, becomes intrigued by the Shepherd and is determined to uncover the truth about him. As the story unfolds, Matt learns about the Shepherd's connection to his own family and the events that led to his father's estrangement.

The film explores themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the healing power of love and understanding. It delves into the consequences of past actions and the possibility of redemption and renewal. "The Shepherd of the Hills" is characterized by its beautiful outdoor cinematography and its depiction of the rugged Ozark landscape. It captures the essence of the region and its people, offering a glimpse into their way of life and traditions. While the film may not be as well-known as some other John Wayne classics, it is appreciated by fans of classic Hollywood cinema for its heartfelt storytelling and its examination of human relationships and moral dilemmas. It remains a notable entry in John Wayne's filmography and is considered a classic of its era.
The Shepherd Of The Hills
Year : 1941
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Henry Hathaway
Top Billing Cast:  Harold Bell Wright, Grover Jones, Stuart Anthony

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The Shepherd Of The Hills Trivia

  1. The Hayes Office was initially shocked and appalled by a scene in which Sammy removes her shirt to display her bare back to the camera in the film. Director Henry Hathaway assured the Hayes Office that it was actually a man doubling for Betty Field during that particular moment. Both Betty Field and John Wayne corroborated this claim. However, years later, Betty Field revealed that it was indeed her own bare back that was shown in the scene.
  2. "The Shepherd of the Hills" was John Wayne's first film in Technicolor.
  3. While riding on his horse, Matt Matthews (John Wayne) whistles a traditional English folk tune known as "The Cuckoo," which has various titles and lyrics, including the line: "The cuckoo is a pretty bird, she sings as she flies; she brings us glad tidings, and she tells us no lies." This song has its roots in an old folk ballad.
  4. Betty Field appeared barefooted in all her scenes throughout the film.
  5. "The Shepherd of the Hills" is one of over 700 Paramount Productions made between 1929 and 1949, which were sold to MCA/Universal in 1958 for television distribution. These films have been owned and controlled by Universal ever since.
  6. The play adaptation of "The Shepherd of the Hills" is performed every day during the summer in Silver Dollar City near Branson, Missouri. It takes place in an outdoor setting, features live animals such as sheep, and even recreates the barn burning scene from the story.
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