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Storyline:   Set in the Arizona Territory during the 1870s, "Desert Reckoning" tells the gripping tale of Marshal Frank Wilcox. He partners with a Buffalo Soldier from the U.S. Army to rally a band of survivors against the unexpected emergence of the living dead, craving the flesh of the living. In a world turned upside down, they face a battle against the unimaginable.

Their unlikely alliance includes an Apache Chief and an outlaw prisoner, forming a diverse group tasked with adapting to this eerie new reality, where the deceased roam the earth. As they navigate this nightmarish landscape, "Desert Reckoning" explores themes of survival, camaraderie, and resilience in a time when the line between life and death is blurred.
Cowboy Zombies
Year : 2013
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating: 3
Director: Paul Winters
Top Billing Cast: 

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Cowboy Zombies Trivia

  1. Low Budget Production: "Cowboy Zombies" was made on a relatively low budget, which is evident in its production values and special effects.

  2. Alternate Title: The film is also known as "The Dead and the Damned" in some regions, which reflects its combination of zombies and classic western themes.

  3. Setting: The movie is set in the American Wild West during the 19th century, which adds a unique twist to the traditional zombie horror genre.

  4. Zombie Outbreak: The story revolves around a zombie outbreak in a small western town, forcing the surviving characters to band together and fight for their lives.

  5. Genre Mashup: "Cowboy Zombies" combines the elements of a classic western, complete with cowboys, saloons, and shootouts, with the horror of a zombie apocalypse.

  6. Practical Effects: The film relies on practical effects and makeup for its zombie transformations and gore, embracing a more old-school approach to horror.

  7. Independent Production: Like many low-budget horror films, "Cowboy Zombies" was produced independently, allowing the filmmakers creative freedom.

  8. Cult Appeal: While it may not have gained widespread critical acclaim, the film has developed a cult following among fans of both westerns and zombie horror.

  9. Character Tropes: The movie incorporates traditional western character archetypes, such as the lone gunslinger and the local sheriff, while adding a zombie twist.

  10. Action-Horror: "Cowboy Zombies" features a mix of action and horror, with intense shootouts and suspenseful zombie encounters.

  11. Revenge Theme: The film also includes themes of revenge as some of the characters seek vengeance against the undead and those responsible for the outbreak.

  12. Wild West Aesthetics: The film's visuals and costume design capture the essence of the Wild West, despite its horror elements, immersing viewers in the time period.

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