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Storyline:   At first glance, Todd and Terry appear to be innocent twins, but when one of them wields an axe and attacks a customer at the drive-in, Todd is falsely accused and sent to a mental institution. Ten years later, as the family gathers for Thanksgiving, they receive the news of Todd's escape. As the events unfold, questions arise about the real perpetrator, and a scene of bloodshed and anger is bound to occur.
Blood Rage
Year : 1987
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: John Grissmer
Top Billing Cast:  Ted Raimi as Condom Salesman Louise Lasser as Maddy Brad Leland as Drive-in Boy

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Blood Rage Trivia

  1. The movie was filmed in 1983, but didn't hit theaters until four years later in 1987.
  2. Ted Raimi, who had a cameo as a teenager selling condoms at the drive-in theater, made his film debut in this movie at the age of 19.
  3. When the actress cast as Dr. Berman failed to show up, producer Marianne Kanter filled in and played the role.
  4. Originally called "Slasher," the film was released as "Blood Rage" in 1987, though the 3-disc Arrow Video bluray includes the "Slasher" opening title card.
  5. In March 1987, the film was released in theaters as "Blood Rage," but by May it had been changed to "Nightmare at Shadow Woods" for additional regions.
  6. The scenes shot in the wilderness were filmed at the University of North Florida.
  7. Many of the characters in the film can be seen wearing Nike apparel, with the logo prominently displayed in several shots.
  8. Before being titled "Blood Rage," the film was originally referred to as "The Complex."
  9. Mark Soper, who portrayed Terry/Todd in this film, also played Michael Milton in "The World According to Garp" (1982).
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