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Storyline:   "Bunker of the Dead" is a 2015 German science fiction horror film directed by Matthias Olof Eich. The movie is notable for its use of first-person perspective, similar to the found footage genre, and its focus on zombies and virtual reality. The story follows two friends, Markus and Thomas, who stumble upon an abandoned World War II underground bunker while exploring. Inside the bunker, they discover a secret Nazi experiment involving a virtual reality machine. As they investigate further, they accidentally activate the machine, transporting themselves into a virtual world where they must confront hordes of Nazi zombies.

The film combines elements of virtual reality and zombie horror, and much of the story is presented from a first-person perspective, as if the audience is viewing the action through the characters' eyes. This approach adds an immersive quality to the film and allows viewers to experience the chaos and terror of the situation from the characters' point of view. "Bunker of the Dead" is characterized by its low-budget production and its blend of science fiction and horror elements. While it may not have achieved widespread critical acclaim, it has found an audience among viewers who enjoy horror films that experiment with storytelling techniques and incorporate virtual reality themes. Overall, "Bunker of the Dead" is a niche film that caters to fans of the found footage and zombie horror subgenres. It offers a unique and immersive viewing experience for those who appreciate unconventional approaches to horror storytelling.
Bunker Of The Dead
Year : 2015
Genre : Action, Comedy, Horror
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Matthias Olof Eich
Top Billing Cast:  Patrick Jahns as Markus G. Elser, Esther Maa� as Sgt. Debby O'Neil, Aciel Martinez Pol Thomas Williamson

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Bunker Of The Dead Trivia

  1. The film was shot using a custom 3D camera system developed by Meinolf Amekudzi, adapting components from GoPro 1 and GoPro 2 models. Notably, during production, GoPro had not yet released their GoPro 3D rigs.

  2. "The movie was filmed in the style of a Mockumentary, where each character speaks their own language. The Germans spoke German, while the U.S. soldiers spoke English. The original concept was to use subtitles and maintain a documentary-like feel. Some critics mistakenly associate the film with FPS (First-Person Shooter) games, but this connection was primarily a marketing strategy by the distributors. In reality, the film was intended to be a Mockumentary, shot in a 3D POV (Point of View) style. Prior to release, it underwent re-editing and dubbing, leading to criticism for its perceived lack of FPS gaming references."

  3. The movie was filmed on genuine historical outdoor locations in Bavaria, Germany, based on real World War II settings. Additionally, interior scenes were shot in a steel mill.

  4. Originally produced under the title "CERUSIT 3D," a reference to the real secret underground base created by the Nazis in WW2 Germany, the film was later released by distributors under the title "Bunker of the Dead 3D."

  5. Notably, the swastika flag burned by the main character in the film was an authentic artifact, not a replica.

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