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Storyline:   "Return of the Living Dead III" is a 1993 horror film directed by Brian Yuzna. It is the third installment in the "Return of the Living Dead" series, known for its blend of horror and dark comedy. However, unlike its predecessors, this film takes a slightly different tone and approach. The story centers around Curt (played by J. Trevor Edmond), a teenager whose father is involved in secret military experiments involving reanimating the dead. After witnessing a gruesome accident, Curt decides to use the experimental technology to bring his girlfriend Julie (played by Melinda Clarke) back to life following a motorcycle accident that killed her.

However, as Julie returns to life, she begins to experience intense hunger for human brains due to the reanimation process. As her cravings grow stronger, Curt is faced with a moral dilemma as he tries to help Julie while keeping her increasingly dangerous impulses in check. "Return of the Living Dead III" takes a darker and more serious approach compared to the comedic tone of the previous films in the series. It explores themes of love, sacrifice, and the consequences of tampering with the natural order. The film also delves into body horror elements as Julie's transformation becomes more pronounced. Melinda Clarke's performance as Julie adds emotional depth to the film, portraying the struggle between her humanity and her newly acquired zombie-like traits. The practical effects and makeup work in the film contribute to the grotesque and unsettling visuals. While "Return of the Living Dead III" might not be as widely known as some other entries in the zombie horror genre, it has gained a cult following among fans of horror films that offer a unique twist on the traditional zombie narrative. It's appreciated for its exploration of darker themes and its departure from the humor that characterized the earlier films in the series.
Return Of The Living Dead III
Year : 1993
Genre : Horror
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Brian Yuzna
Top Billing Cast:  Melinda Clarke as Julie Walker Sarah Douglas as Colonel Sinclair Kent McCord as Colonel John Reynolds Dana Lee as Store Owner

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Return Of The Living Dead III Trivia

  1. Trimark didn't require the film to have the same actors or comedic elements as the previous films but did require the zombies, including Julie, to crave and eat brains.
  2. A full day of footage was lost due to camera assistants failing to check for debris on the lenses.
  3. Clarence Epperson, who played the first animated cadaver, demanded more money and special treatment as shooting approached.
  4. Brian Peck is the only actor to appear in all three Return of the Living Dead movies, playing different roles.
  5. After the film's release, Brian Yuzna expressed interest in a fourth sequel that would have continued from the events of the third film.
  6. Brian Yuzna was disappointed with the limited screen time for his previous female monster creation in Bride of Re-Animator and wanted Julie to have a more significant role.
  7. The production company provided housing for Clarence Epperson during shooting to ensure his availability.
  8. The film was initially released Unrated on VHS alongside the R-rated theatrical cut, with about 50 to 60 trims to secure an R rating.
  9. The film explains that zombies eat brains to obtain neurons for their shut-down nervous systems.
  10. Paul Rudd auditioned for the role of Curt Reynolds.
  11. The exoskeleton worn by Riverman weighed 75 pounds and was designed by Tim Ralston.
  12. J Trevor Edmund's portrayal of Romeo on stage likely contributed to him landing a role in the film.
  13. Director Brian Yuzna regrets the lengthy title "Return of the Living Dead III" and suggests alternative titles like "Kurt and Julie."
  14. Multiple FX companies, including Steve Johnson's XFX, were involved due to the tight schedule and numerous effects in the film.
  15. The film had a 24-day shooting schedule with two camera crews, and it was shot at Santa Clarita Studios in Los Angeles.
  16. James Karen and Don Calfa were offered roles but declined in pre-production.
  17. The film's theatrical release was scaled back to regional limited release after Warlock: The Armageddon's underperformance at the box office.
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