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Storyline:   "Watercolor Postcards" is a 2013 drama film directed by Rajeev Dassani. The movie follows the story of a woman struggling to find her place in life as she returns to her hometown and attempts to reconnect with her estranged teenage daughter. The film centers around Catherine Brown (played by Bailee Madison), a young woman with a troubled past who is trying to turn her life around. After being released from prison, Catherine returns to her small hometown with the hope of rebuilding her relationship with her daughter, Gulia (played by Laura Bell Bundy), who was raised by Catherine's mother (played by Jonathan Banks) in her absence. As Catherine strives to become a responsible and caring mother, she faces challenges stemming from her past mistakes. She also develops a romantic connection with a local artist named Richard (played by John C. McGinley), who is struggling with his own personal issues.

"Watercolor Postcards" explores themes of redemption, second chances, and the complexity of family dynamics. The film delves into Catherine's journey of self-discovery and transformation as she attempts to mend her broken relationships and find her place in the world. Bailee Madison's portrayal of Catherine captures the character's vulnerability and determination, while Laura Bell Bundy delivers a nuanced performance as the conflicted teenager. The film's supporting cast, including Jonathan Banks and John C. McGinley, adds depth to the narrative. "Watercolor Postcards" offers a heartfelt and emotionally resonant story that explores themes of forgiveness and the power of human connection. It's a character-driven drama that delves into the challenges of rebuilding one's life and the impact of past choices on the present. While the film might not be widely known, it appeals to viewers who appreciate intimate and introspective dramas.
Watercolor Postcards
Year : 2013
Genre : Drama
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Rajeev Dassani
Top Billing Cast:  Bailee Madison as Cotton Jonathan Banks as Ledball Laura Bell Bundy as Sunny John C. McGinley as Merlin

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Watercolor Postcards Trivia

  1. The horse Jo-Boy was played by a female horse named Ginger.
  2. Conrad wrote and performed one of the songs on the Watercolor Postcards soundtrack titled "Sometime Tomorrow."
  3. The movie Jack-o-lopes was filmed in the Cowboy Country Saloon, which was also used as a location in the movie Thelma and Louise.
  4. The film was selected for several film festivals including the Breckenridge Film Festival, Kansas International Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, and the Malibu Film Festival.
  5. Conrad Goode's character in the movie was portrayed without shoes throughout the entire film.
  6. Conrad wore dress shoes during the funeral scene, so he did wear shoes at certain points during the movie.
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