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Storyline:   "Chisum" is a 1970 Western film based on the true story of John Chisum (John Wayne), a wealthy cattle baron in Lincoln County, New Mexico in the late 1800s. Chisum is a respected businessman and community leader, but his power and influence are challenged by Lawrence Murphy (Forrest Tucker), a corrupt landowner who is trying to monopolize the local market by controlling all the cattle in the area. As tensions rise between Chisum and Murphy, a conflict erupts between the two men and their respective allies, including Billy the Kid (Geoffrey Deuel) and Pat Garrett (Glenn Corbett).

The resulting violence and bloodshed lead to a showdown between Chisum and Murphy, with the fate of the county hanging in the balance. Throughout the film, Chisum's integrity and sense of justice are tested as he struggles to maintain control of his land and protect his cattle from Murphy's greed and corruption. He is aided by his loyal friend Pepper (Ben Johnson) and the courageous new arrival Dan Nodeen (Christopher George). With stunning landscapes, exciting action scenes, and a star-studded cast, "Chisum" is a classic Western that delivers all the drama, adventure, and heroism that fans of the genre expect.
Year : 1970
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Andrew V. McLaglen
Top Billing Cast:  John Wayne as John Chisum Ben Johnson as James Pepper Christopher George as Dan Nodeen Richard Jaeckel as Jess Evans

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Chisum Trivia

  1. The use of John Wayne's stunt double in the final fight scene with Forrest Tucker was very obvious, which greatly disappointed Wayne.
  2. John Wayne underwent some cosmetic surgery in September 1969, just one month before the filming of Chisum began.
  3. Patric Knowles, who played John Henry Tunstall in the movie, was actually four years younger than John Wayne, who played J.S. Chisum. In real life, Tunstall was only 24 when he was murdered, while Chisum was 54 at the time of the events depicted in the film.
  4. Geoffrey Deuel, who played Billy the Kid in the movie, was nearly 27 at the time of filming. In contrast, the real Billy the Kid was only 18 when the Lincoln County War began in February 1878 and was killed at age 21 in 1881.
  5. Christopher George and Lynda Day George, who met earlier, fell in love and later got married after working together on the movie Chisum.
  6. The Chisum Ranch house seen in the movie is the same one used in another John Wayne western, Big Jake (1971), which was made a year later.
  7. According to a Los Angeles Times article from the time, Chisum was John Wayne's 200th starring role in a feature film. Wayne was also listed as one of the top ten money-making stars for the 20th consecutive year, coming in second only to Paul Newman that year.
  8. During filming of the movie in Mexico, John Wayne won a Golden Globe award and found out that he had been nominated for an Oscar for his role in True Grit (1969).
  9. The character of Billy the Kid in the movie says he rode with notorious gunmen such as Jess Evans and Clay Allison. In real life, Allison worked in the New Mexico area and knew Billy Bonney, while Evans led a rival gang to Bonney's but was not killed by him as depicted in the movie.
  10. While filming Chisum, John Mitchum introduced John Wayne to his patriotic poetry. Wayne was so moved by the words that Forrest Tucker suggested they collaborate to record some of it, resulting in a Grammy-nominated spoken-word album titled America: Why I Love Her.
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