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Storyline:   "Christmas Icetastrophe 2014" unfolds in a small, idyllic town that is gearing up for its annual Christmas celebration. As the community comes together to decorate the streets and prepare for the festivities, a mysterious meteor crashes nearby. Unbeknownst to the townspeople, the meteor carries a strange extraterrestrial substance that reacts with the winter atmosphere, triggering a catastrophic chain of events. The substance transforms into a powerful freezing agent, causing a sudden and extreme drop in temperature. The town is enveloped in a flash freeze, turning everything in its path into ice. Streets, houses, and even people are encased in a glacial shell. Amidst the chaos, a group of unlikely heroes emerges. Among them is Jack, a resourceful local mechanic, and Sarah, a meteorologist who witnessed the meteor crash. Together, they must navigate the frozen landscape, facing treacherous icy terrain and the constant threat of the encroaching freeze.

As the town becomes a winter wasteland, the group discovers that the only way to reverse the icy catastrophe is to locate a hidden government facility that holds the key to neutralizing the extraterrestrial substance. Along the way, they encounter other survivors struggling to stay warm and alive. The film is a heart-pounding race against time as the group battles the elements, internal conflicts, and the relentless spread of the deep freeze. The spirit of Christmas becomes a beacon of hope as the characters find strength in their determination to save their town and its inhabitants. "Christmas Icetastrophe 2014" is a thrilling blend of sci-fi and holiday cheer, offering a unique twist on the traditional Christmas movie. The characters' resilience and camaraderie in the face of an otherworldly disaster underscore the importance of community and the holiday spirit, even in the most extreme circumstances.
Christmas Icetastrophe
Year : 2014
IMDB Rating: 4
Director: Jonathan Winfrey
Top Billing Cast:  Richard Harmon as Tim Ratchet Victor Webster as Charlie Ratchet Tiera Skovbye as Marley Crooge Johannah Newmarch as Krystal Crooge

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Christmas Icetastrophe Trivia

  1. Filming for Christmas Icetasrophe took place in the picturesque town of Hope, BC, echoing the iconic setting of the first Rambo movie, First Blood.

  2. Despite being set in Washington state, the search helicopters in the film bear registration IDs starting with "C," signifying their actual filming location in Canada.

  3. A peculiar detail in the frozen landscape scenes: both Tim and Marley sport jackets with fur-lined hoods, yet neither of them bothers to cover their heads. This inconsistency extends to Ben Crooge, who, despite searching for the young couple, remains bare-headed.

  4. Notably, the characters in the movie include names like "Marley," "Crooge," and "Ratchet," likely serving as nods to Dickens' classic, A Christmas Carol.

  5. Charmed fans might recognize familiar faces in the film, as both Victor Webster and Botti Bliss previously guest-starred on the show during separate seasons.

  6. Richard Harmon and Tyler Johnston share a connection beyond Christmas Icetasrophe, having previously appeared together on the Netflix series "The Killing."

  7. In another collaboration, Tiera Skovbye, Tyler Johnston, and Richard Harmon took on roles in the movie Forever 16 (2013).

  8. Fans of Continuum (2012) will spot multiple main characters making appearances in Christmas Icetasrophe, including Victor Webster, Jennifer Spence, Richard Harmon, Mike Dopud, Ben Cotton, and Lane Edwards.

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