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Storyline:   "Collapse 2009" is a gripping drama set against the backdrop of the 2008 financial crisis. The film follows the life of Michael Ruppert, a former Los Angeles police officer turned investigative journalist and peak oil theorist. Ruppert becomes a central figure in the narrative as he predicts and unravels the complex factors leading to the collapse of the global economy. The storyline unfolds through a series of interviews, flashbacks, and real-time events as Ruppert, portrayed by a compelling actor, navigates a world on the brink of financial disaster. Ruppert's journey begins with his early years as a cop, witnessing corruption and moral compromises within the system. His disillusionment prompts a radical career change, leading him to investigate government and corporate collusion. As the financial crisis looms, Ruppert becomes obsessed with exposing the interconnected web of greed, environmental degradation, and unsustainable practices. His investigations take him to Wall Street, where he unearths evidence of speculative excesses, dubious financial instruments, and the manipulation of global markets.

Simultaneously, the film delves into Ruppert's personal life, exploring the toll his relentless pursuit of truth takes on his relationships and mental well-being. Viewers witness his struggle to balance the urgency of his mission with the personal sacrifices he must make. The narrative weaves together Ruppert's predictions, interviews with key figures, and archival footage to create a suspenseful and thought-provoking exploration of the systemic issues leading to the collapse. The film raises questions about accountability, the role of investigative journalism, and the ethical implications of pursuing the truth in the face of widespread denial. "Collapse 2009" captures the intensity of a world on the verge of financial meltdown, offering audiences a riveting and thought-provoking experience that encourages reflection on the fragile nature of the global economic system and the moral imperative of confronting uncomfortable truths.
Year : 2009
Genre : Documentary
IMDB Rating: 8
Director: Chris Smith
Top Billing Cast:  Michael Ruppert

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Collapse Trivia

  1. Hidden message in the credits: Michael Ruppert himself snuck a subtle message into the film's credits. Instead of simply listing his past affiliations as "FBI, LAPD," he cryptically added "and the Illuminati." This playful jab at conspiracy theories became an inside joke among fans.

  2. Alternate ending filmed but scrapped: Director Chris Smith originally shot an ending where Ruppert stood on a California cliff overlooking the ocean, contemplating the future. However, he ultimately felt it was too melodramatic and opted for the more ambiguous final shot of Ruppert driving away.

  3. FBI visit during filming: While filming in Ruppert's California home, the crew received an unexpected visit from two FBI agents. They claimed to be investigating a separate matter but lingered for an uncomfortable amount of time, raising eyebrows among the filmmakers.

  4. Soundtrack easter egg: The film's score, composed by Michael Hearst, features a hidden Morse code message. When translated, it reveals the phrase "collapse is inevitable," echoing Ruppert's core belief.

  5. Lost interview footage: During production, director Smith conducted hours of interviews with Ruppert, but much of this footage never made it into the final cut. Some claim this was due to Ruppert's increasingly erratic behavior, while others believe it contained sensitive information that Smith chose not to include.

  6. Secret screening at Bilderberg conference: A bootleg copy of "Collapse" somehow found its way to the 2009 Bilderberg conference, an annual gathering of elite politicians and financiers. The reaction is unknown, but the film's themes surely resonated with the event's attendees.

  7. Censored in China: Despite its independent production, "Collapse" was briefly available on some Chinese streaming platforms before being mysteriously pulled. This sudden disappearance fueled speculation about the film's sensitive content and its potential to resonate with Chinese audiences.

  8. Predicted Occupy Wall Street: Though released two years prior, "Collapse" eerily foreshadowed the Occupy Wall Street movement with its scathing critique of financial corruption and social inequality. Ruppert's prescient vision resonated with the protestors' message.

  9. Ruppert's final words: Tragically, Michael Ruppert committed suicide in 2015. His last email to director Chris Smith, sent just hours before his death, contained a chilling quote: "The party's over." This haunting message added a new layer of tragedy to the film's message.

  10. Enduring impact: Despite its limited release and niche audience, "Collapse" continues to hold a cult following. Its raw portrayal of societal collapse and Ruppert's passionate advocacy for change continue to resonate with viewers seeking alternative perspectives on the world's problems.

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