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Cut And Run

Cut And Run

Year : 1985
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Ruggero Deodato
Top Billing Cast:  Karen Black as Karin Eriq La Salle as Fargas Michael Berryman as Quecho Lisa Blount as Fran Hudson
About:  "Cut and Run" is a 1985 Italian action-horror film directed by Ruggero Deodato. The film is known for its mix of action, adventure, and horror elements, and it is set in the backdrop of the Amazon rainforest. The story revolves around a documentary film crew that travels deep into the Amazon jungle to investigate a remote and mysterious tribe known as the "Tree People."

As they delve deeper into the jungle, they discover that the tribe is involved in brutal and violent practices, including drug trafficking and human sacrifice. The film is characterized by its intense and graphic scenes, including depictions of violence and gore, which are typical of the horror genre. "Cut and Run" is also known for its action sequences and suspenseful moments as the characters try to survive in the dangerous and unforgiving jungle.

While "Cut and Run" may not be considered one of the most critically acclaimed works of director Ruggero Deodato, it has gained a cult following for its combination of horror and action elements. It is part of the exploitation cinema tradition, which often incorporates sensational and graphic content to shock and entertain audiences. As with many films in this genre, "Cut and Run" is intended for mature audiences who appreciate the blend of action and horror elements that it offers. It is a product of its time and genre, providing a particular type of cinematic experience.
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Cut And Run Trivia

  1. During the shoot, Michael Berryman had a significant disagreement with Director Ruggero Deodato. Berryman had to endure an arduous five-hour scene in the water, and locals deemed him "crazy" for spending such an extended period in the river. Prior to this scene, Berryman had asked Deodato if there were any physical dangers in the water, to which Deodato assured him there were none. However, after the lengthy ordeal, Berryman discovered the presence of electric eels in the river. Enraged, he promptly grabbed the director and tossed him into the water, retorting, "Now you stand in it."
  2. This film's origins trace back to an unrealized Wes Craven script called "Marimba." Following the collapse of financing for that project, producers refused to return Craven's script, ultimately leading to the creation of this film.
  3. In a scene where Willie Aames encounters his abductor bound and eventually torn apart by splitting trees, the props crew used pig guts that had been sitting for several days, despite Aames warning Ruggero Deodato not to throw anything during the scene. The off-target throw hit Aames in the face around his mouth, provoking his furious pursuit of Deodato into the jungle before the cast and crew had to intervene to calm him down.
  4. Willie Aames personally purchased six sets of the Mickey Mouse shirt he wore in the film. He felt his character needed a reminder of home and, surprisingly, received no objections from Disney regarding the shirt.
  5. The film was originally recorded in direct-sound English, an unusual practice for Italian movies at the time, given the significant number of American actors. However, when Anchor Bay released the uncut version on DVD, the scenes were dubbed into Italian with English subtitles, as the original soundtrack couldn't be located. This decision was due to differences in the shots used in the English-export and Italian editions.
  6. The producers initially urged Director Ruggero Deodato to create a sequel to "Cannibal Holocaust," but Deodato declined and chose to make this film instead.
  7. Ruggero Deodato claims that the graphic scene depicting a man being split in half was inspired by images from the Vietnam War.
  8. The film was actually shot in the sweltering jungles of Venezuela, where temperatures soared as high as 110 degrees.
  9. The scene where Willie Aames, Leonard Mann, and Lisa Blount are crucified in the trees proved to be a vexing experience for the actors, as they contended with bugs flying around their faces and biting Aames, leading to ant bites that took over three months to heal. They were tied up for about an hour, and their dissatisfaction with the situation led to a confrontation with Ruggerio Deodato, which was ultimately diffused by the cast and crew.
  10. Up until 2017, Willie Aames had never seen either version of this film, as he sought to put the experience behind him and focus on his new project, "Charles In Charge." He was also unaware of the film's release date and expressed regret for not keeping any props from the shoot.
  11. Despite the numerous challenges during the shoot, Willie Aames still considers this experience his personal adventure, replete with memorable stories, both good and bad. He also maintains respect for Director Ruggero Deodato, despite the difficulties they faced.
  12. During the shoot, Willie Aames, Michael Berryman, and Richard Lynch formed a close bond and spent time together. Aames and Lynch became drinking buddies, with Lynch offering Aames advice on avoiding the excesses of old Hollywood. Aames and Berryman remain close friends to this day.
  13. According to Ruggero Deodato, Willie Aames was a difficult actor to work with, citing personal problems that led to Aames destroying a hotel room during production.
  14. In the scene where Willie Aames discovers a man tied to trees with his legs spread and eventually torn apart, the actor in the role was buried in the dirt, and a pig's carcass was used for his legs, along with pig intestines left in the jungle for almost three days for that specific scene.
  15. The cast and crew encountered various dangers during the shoot, including venomous spiders, alligators, ants, and bugs.
  16. Lisa Blount faced personal issues during the shoot, which affected her performance in the film. While she got along with the cast, she was emotionally absent, according to Willie Aames.
  17. Although often categorized as a cannibal movie, it's worth noting that there is no cannibalism depicted in this film.
  18. According to Willie Aames, Valentina Forte and Director Ruggero Deodato were dating during the shoot. Forte would show up on set with bruises on her face and body, allegedly from Deodato's physical abuse. Aames tried to help her and approached Deodato about it, but the director slammed the door in his face, telling him to return to his room. Forte and Aames reconnected as friends on Facebook.

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