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Storyline:   "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" is a 1972 Western film directed by John Huston. The movie is a fictionalized account of the life of Judge Roy Bean, a real historical figure known as the "Law West of the Pecos." The film combines elements of Western, drama, comedy, and romance. The character of Judge Roy Bean is portrayed by Paul Newman. In the film, Roy Bean is depicted as a colorful and eccentric figure who sets himself up as the lawman and judge in a remote and lawless part of the American West. He establishes his own courtroom and metes out justice in a manner that is both arbitrary and theatrical.

The story also involves a love interest for Judge Roy Bean, played by Victoria Principal, and the film explores the themes of love, justice, and the clash of civilization with the untamed wilderness of the West. "The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean" is characterized by its blend of humor, drama, and a whimsical take on the Western genre. The film also features an appearance by Ava Gardner as the "Lily Langtry," the famous actress and the object of Judge Roy Bean's romantic fascination. While the film takes liberties with the real historical events and characters, it offers an entertaining and fictionalized portrayal of the legendary Judge Roy Bean. The movie is celebrated for Paul Newman's performance and John Huston's direction, which bring a unique and colorful character to life in the context of the American West.
The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean
Year : 1972
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: John Huston
Top Billing Cast:  Paul Newman as Judge Roy Bean Jacqueline Bisset as Rose Bean Roddy McDowall as Frank Gass Ava Gardner as Lily Langtry

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The Life And Times Of Judge Roy Bean Trivia

  1. This role was among Paul Newman's personal favorites.

  2. Although her character is a significant part of the town's history, Ava Gardner doesn't appear in the film until approximately 15 minutes before it ends.

  3. The screenplay for this film was initially written with Lee Marvin in mind for the role of Judge Roy Bean. However, after Lee Marvin fell asleep during a meeting due to alcohol, Paul Newman discovered the script, loved it, and lobbied for the part.

  4. In the opening credits, Michael Sarrazin's name is listed as "participation." He appears only in a photograph at the end of the movie, representing the husband of Rose Bean (Jacqueline Bisset), but he doesn't physically appear in the film. At the time, Bisset was dating Sarrazin.

  5. Anthony Perkins, who led a predominantly homosexual love life before this film, had an affair with Victoria Principal during the shooting. He later married Berry Berenson.

  6. John Milius, the writer, claimed that his experience on this film prompted him to venture into directing "out of self-defense and a desire to control."

  7. While driving through Dublin in the early 1990s, Paul Newman stopped at a restaurant named "Judge Roy Beans" after spotting it. He informed the patrons that he had played Judge Roy Bean and shared anecdotes about the film. He also pointed at an image of Ava Gardner on a poster, shouting, "And she played Lillie!" referring to her role.

  8. According to John Huston, the writer of the original script, John Milius, was present throughout the shoot, collaborating on new ideas and working at night. Milius, however, disputed this account, stating that his original script depicted a more multi-dimensional character for Judge Roy Bean and that it was "horribly mangled."

  9. Bruno the Bear, who appeared in the film, had an African male lion companion named Neal. They even had their own motel room during production.

  10. Paul Newman believed that Bruno the Bear stole every scene they appeared in together, a sentiment echoed by some reviewers.

  11. Ava Gardner expressed a strong dislike for Paul Newman, describing him as an egomaniac and a false person.

  12. This film marks the debut of Victoria Principal in the world of cinema.

  13. John Milius later revealed that he liked John Huston but believed that the director ultimately ruined the movie. He was unhappy with the casting of Paul Newman and thought Warren Oates would have been a more suitable choice.

  14. The shooting location was approximately a 90-minute drive outside of Tucson. John Huston chose to live on the set for the duration of the shoot.

  15. While Bruno the Bear was on set, director John Huston's wife, Celeste Huston, would keep his friend Neal, the African lion, company and play with him.

  16. John Huston acknowledged the film's lack of success in his autobiography and recognized that it didn't achieve overwhelming success. However, he believed there were many positive aspects to the film.

  17. John Milius mentioned his unique relationship with John Huston during the shoot, where the director would explain his decisions and choices constantly. He learned a great deal about filmmaking from this experience.

  18. Jacqueline Bisset's last name is misspelled in the credits.

  19. The film's working title was "Law and Order," and John Huston had previously written a western with the same title in 1932, starring his father, Walter Huston.

  20. Quentin Tarantino used a piece from Maurice Jarre's score in this film for the final scene in "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" (2019).

  21. John Milius initially wanted to direct the film himself, but the producers were reluctant, leading them to purchase his script outright for a record price.

  22. This film marks the first of two back-to-back collaborations between director John Huston and star Paul Newman. Their next film together was "The MacKintosh Man" (1973).

  23. Ned Beatty played Judge Roy Bean in "Streets of Laredo" (1995).

  24. Grizzly Adams, portrayed by director John Huston, mentions the mountain man 'Liver-Eating' Johnson, whose life inspired "Jeremiah Johnson" (1972), another film written by John Milius.

  25. Steve Kanaly and Victoria Principal, both making their film debuts in this movie, also starred together in "Dallas" (1978). Don Starr, who played the theatre manager, appeared regularly in the series as oil baron Jordan Lee.

  26. The film shows Bean reading "The New York Times," a newspaper that had been in publication since 1851.

  27. Bill McKinney played a fellow gang member/marshal alongside Ned Beatty. The same year, Beatty and McKinney appeared together in "Deliverance" (1972).

  28. This film marks the debut of Steve Kanaly in the world of cinema.

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