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Storyline:   "To Save a Life" is a 2009 drama film that tells the story of Jake Taylor, a popular high school athlete who is forced to confront the painful realities of life after the sudden suicide of his childhood friend, Roger. Feeling guilty and lost, Jake begins to question the shallow values that have dominated his life, including his obsession with fitting in with the popular crowd at school. He begins to distance himself from his former friends and instead reaches out to new acquaintances, including a social outcast named Johnny Garcia, who becomes his close friend.

As Jake grapples with his grief and tries to make sense of the tragedy that has rocked his community, he starts to take a closer look at his own life and the impact he can have on those around him. He becomes involved in a program to help troubled youth and forms a deep connection with a teenage girl named Andrea. Through Jake's journey of self-discovery, "To Save a Life" tackles complex issues such as bullying, suicide, and the challenges faced by teenagers in today's world. The film provides a powerful and emotional exploration of the struggles and choices that young people face, and the importance of reaching out to others and offering support and hope in times of need.
To Save A Life
Year : 2009
Genre : Drama
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Brian Baugh
Top Billing Cast:  Randy Wayne as Jake Taylor Arjay Smith as Matt McQueen Robert Bailey Jr. as Roger Dawson Sean Michael Afable as Jonny Garcia

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To Save A Life Trivia

  1. The lead actor, Randy Wayne, was not a believer in God before taking on the role of Jake Taylor. However, he found that working on the film changed his perspective, and he eventually became a Christian.
  2. The movie was shot in just 20 days, with a budget of only $1 million. Despite this, it went on to gross over $3 million at the box office.
  3. The film's director, Brian Baugh, originally wrote the script as a way to reach out to teenagers in his own church. He never expected it to become a feature-length film.
  4. The song "To Save a Life" that plays during the end credits was written and performed by the lead actor, Randy Wayne. He recorded it specifically for the movie.
  5. The filmmakers received a lot of criticism from some Christian groups who felt that the movie was too dark and dealt with issues that were too mature for teenagers. However, the filmmakers defended their approach, saying that they wanted to portray the struggles that young people face in a realistic way.
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