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Night And The City

Night And The City

Year : 1950
IMDB Rating: 8
Director: Jules Dassin
Top Billing Cast:  Gene Tierney as Mary Bristol Richard Widmark as Harry Fabian Mike Mazurki as The Strangler Herbert Lom as Kristo
About:  "Night and the City" is a film-noir released in 1950 that follows the story of Harry Fabian, a small-time hustler and con man who dreams of becoming a big-shot promoter in London's wrestling scene. Desperate for success and recognition, Harry constantly schemes and connives to make a name for himself, even if it means betraying his friends and loved ones. His latest plan involves setting up a wrestling match between two famous wrestlers, but he quickly finds himself in over his head when he incurs the wrath of the powerful and dangerous underworld boss, Phil Nasseros. As Harry's situation spirals out of control, he must navigate the treacherous and violent world of London's criminal underworld, facing off against ruthless gangsters, crooked cops, and his own moral failings.

Through it all, Harry's relationship with his girlfriend, Mary, becomes increasingly strained as she struggles to come to terms with his reckless and self-destructive behavior. "Night and the City" is a gripping and intense film that explores themes of ambition, greed, and betrayal. The film features stunning black and white cinematography and a mesmerizing performance by Richard Widmark as Harry Fabian. The film's seedy and atmospheric depiction of London's underworld has made it a classic of the film-noir genre.
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Night And The City Trivia

  1. Director Jules Dassin shot the most expensive scenes of "Night and the City" first to prevent being blacklisted by Fox studio, since he was already in the process of being blacklisted during the making of the film.
  2. Richard Widmark lost a significant amount of weight during the filming of the movie due to all the running he had to do for his role.
  3. According to Twentieth Century-Fox publicity, only fourteen interior sets were used, while fifty-four different London locations were utilized in the making of "Night and the City."
  4. The protagonist Harry Fabian was portrayed as more sympathetic in the film than in the novel, where he was depicted as a character who would even pimp out his girlfriend and blackmail others.
  5. Jules Dassin claimed that he only read the novel "Night and the City" after completing the film.
  6. Despite accusations of similarities to John Huston's "The Asphalt Jungle," Dassin only watched Huston's movie after "Night and the City" was finished.
  7. In one scene, a theater marquee lists the names of actors appearing in "Escape Me Never" while Yosh is spreading the word about Harry's bounty.
  8. Twentieth Century-Fox's decision to set the movie in London was made so they could use up some of the frozen money due to British laws protecting their film industry.
  9. Mike Mazurki, who played the Strangler, was a professional wrestler before becoming an actor, while Stanislaus Zbyszko, who portrayed Gregorius, was a Greco-Roman wrestler and had no other acting roles.
  10. Robert De Niro played Harry Fabian in the 1992 remake of "Night and the City."
  11. The play "The Third Visitor," advertised by a theater in one of Harry's trips to London at night, was made into a movie in 1951.
  12. Inflation-adjusted, the �300 Harry wanted for the dog racing track in the film equaled around $10,300 in 2022.

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