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Storyline:   "The Young Lions" is a 1958 war drama film that follows the lives of three soldiers during World War II. The film explores the effects of war on these individuals and their personal struggles. The first soldier is Christian Diestl, a German who joins the army and is initially a loyal follower of Adolf Hitler. As he rises through the ranks, he becomes disillusioned with the war and the atrocities committed by the Nazi regime. The second soldier is Noah Ackerman, an American Jew who faces discrimination in his own country and joins the army to prove his loyalty and bravery. He faces personal challenges during the war and struggles with his identity as a Jewish American.

The third soldier is Michael Whiteacre, a wealthy and privileged American who joins the army to escape his troubled personal life. He becomes an officer and is responsible for leading his men into battle. As the war progresses, the lives of these soldiers become intertwined, and they must confront their own fears and beliefs as they face the harsh realities of war. Their personal struggles are set against the backdrop of historical events, including the invasion of Normandy and the liberation of Paris. "The Young Lions" is a powerful exploration of the impact of war on individuals and their relationships, and it offers a poignant and thought-provoking commentary on the human cost of conflict.
The Young Lions
Year : 1958
Genre : Action, Drama, War
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Edward Dmytryk
Top Billing Cast:  Marlon Brando as Lt. Christian Diestl Dean Martin as Michael Whiteacre Montgomery Clift as Noah Ackerman Lee Van Cleef as 1st Sgt. Rickett

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The Young Lions Trivia

  1. During the filming, Montgomery Clift criticized Marlon Brando's performance, stating that he was using only about one third of his talent and that he was a slob.
  2. Despite being cast as an A1 soldier, Montgomery Clift was perceived by many as looking too old and unhealthy.
  3. Irwin Shaw was displeased with Marlon Brando's portrayal of the sympathetic Nazi soldier, which was a conscious decision made by Brando, director Edward Dmytryk, and screenwriter Edward Anhalt. They felt that a more lenient depiction would better represent the German people as a whole, especially since the German market had opened up significantly after World War II.
  4. Dean Martin, who played a major dramatic role in the film, The Young Lions (1958), was helped by his close friend Montgomery Clift. Clift would accompany Martin to parties after the rest of Hollywood had disowned him due to his drug and alcohol addictions.
  5. Maximilian Schell, who played Captain Hardenberg, had to learn his lines phonetically from Marlon Brando since he could not speak English at the time the film was made.
  6. The film is credited as Dean Martin's comeback movie after his split with Jerry Lewis, and it was his first dramatic film role. Martin and Clift became friends and ran lines together. During a party sequence, Clift tickled Martin's leg to loosen him up, earning the nickname "Spider" from Martin.
  7. The appearance of the poorly designed $20 bill in the film was a result of the rule that real money or realistically designed counterfeit "stage" money could not be photographed. This rule was being disregarded, as seen in other films like The Man with the Golden Arm (1955) and Psycho (1960).
  8. Both Dean Martin and Montgomery Clift were considered too old for their characters.
  9. Some of the extras in the concentration camp scenes were former inmates of the Struthof camp where the scenes were filmed.
  10. The film received criticism for its sympathetic portrayal of a Nazi character.
  11. Montgomery Clift was proud of his work in the film but disappointed when critics focused on his post-crash appearance and addiction issues instead of his performance.
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