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Storyline:   "The Young Messiah 2016" is a cinematic journey that explores a fictional chapter in the life of a young Jesus Christ. Set in the Holy Land during the formative years of Jesus, the film provides a unique perspective on the challenges and discoveries faced by a child coming to grips with his divine destiny. The story begins with Joseph and Mary, Jesus' earthly parents, trying to protect their son from the political and religious turmoil of the time. As they navigate the complexities of living under Roman rule and the scrutiny of those who sense something extraordinary about the child, they gradually come to realize the true nature of Jesus' identity. As Jesus grows, he begins to manifest miraculous abilities, sparking curiosity and fear among those who witness his actions. His innocence and childlike wonder at the world around him stand in stark contrast to the weight of his purpose. The film explores the challenges faced by his family as they grapple with the implications of raising the Son of God.

A subplot unfolds as a Roman centurion, tasked with maintaining order, becomes intrigued by the mysterious events surrounding the young Jesus. His journey from skepticism to a profound spiritual awakening adds a layer of complexity to the narrative, offering a bridge between the secular and the divine. "The Young Messiah 2016" carefully navigates the delicate balance between faith and humanity, portraying Jesus not only as a divine figure but also as a relatable child discovering his extraordinary gifts. The film weaves together elements of drama, mystery, and spirituality, inviting audiences to contemplate the profound impact of Jesus' earthly existence and the challenges faced by those entrusted with nurturing the Savior. In its exploration of faith, family, and destiny, "The Young Messiah 2016" presents a compelling and contemplative narrative that resonates with audiences, regardless of their religious beliefs, by offering a fresh perspective on the universally recognized figure of Jesus Christ.
The Young Messiah
Year : 2016
Genre : Drama, Fantasy
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Cyrus Nowrasteh
Top Billing Cast:  Sean Bean as Severus David Bradley as Old Rabbi Clive Russell as Weer Jonathan Bailey as Herod

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The Young Messiah Trivia

  1. According to disputed accounts like the Gospel of Peter, Jesus' childhood is explored in apocryphal writings.
  2. In the film's credits, Satan is identified as "The Demon."
  3. The actor portraying Jesus in the movie is named Adam, connecting symbolically with theologians' portrayal of Jesus as the 'New' or 'Second Adam' who saves humanity.
  4. John Debney, known for composing the score for The Passion of the Christ, has previously worked on another film centered around Jesus.
  5. Christopher Columbus, the director, has collaborated with a character named Severus for the second time, the first instance being in the Harry Potter franchise.
  6. The film marks the first collaboration between 1492 Pictures and Ocean Blue Entertainment.
  7. Sean Bean, Clive Russell, and David Bradley, well-known for their roles as Ned Stark, The Black Fish, and Walder Frey respectively, have significant roles in the Game of Thrones series.
  8. This film is the second time director Christopher Columbus has worked with a character named Severus, following his previous involvement in the Harry Potter franchise.
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