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Storyline:   Four soldiers, Lieutenant Harp, Private First Class Avery, Private First Class Martinez, and Private First Class Ortiz, are trapped behind enemy lines during a fictional war between two unidentified countries. Their military-issue civilian truck has broken down six miles behind enemy lines.

The soldiers have a plan: they will make their way to a nearby river, build a raft, and then, under cover of night, float back to friendly territory. However, they are all struggling with their own personal demons, and the journey is far from easy.
Down River
Year : 2018
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Alexander Raye Pimentel
Top Billing Cast:  Alexander Raye Pimentel, Zachary Greene, Brennen Reece

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Down River Trivia

  1. During the filming of "Down River," the cast and crew had to travel down a river to reach the filming location. They needed to transport equipment and gear across the river on rafts, making for an adventurous and challenging filming process.
  2. The film "Down River" is noted as a remake of Stanley Kubrick's 1953 film "Fear and Desire."
  3. While "Down River" is not about any specific war, it is described as an anti-war treatise. It's interesting to note that the film was released during the height of the War in Afghanistan, which might add an extra layer of relevance to its themes.
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