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Storyline:   "Another WolfCop" is a 2017 Canadian horror-comedy film and a sequel to the 2014 film "WolfCop." The movie is directed and written by Lowell Dean and continues the comedic and over-the-top adventures of the titular character, Lou Garou, who transforms into a werewolf police officer. In "Another WolfCop," the story picks up with Lou Garou (played by Leo Fafard), the alcoholic and lycanthropic police officer, as he returns to his duties as a lawman in the small town of Woodhaven. This time, the town is threatened by a corrupt businessman and a new designer drug that is turning people into zombies.

Lou Garou, with his unconventional crime-fighting methods, including transforming into WolfCop, once again takes on the criminal elements plaguing his town. He's joined by his loyal partner, Tina (played by Amy Matysio), and other quirky characters as they battle supernatural threats and eccentric villains. The film is characterized by its over-the-top and often gory humor, as well as its campy approach to the horror and comedy genres. "Another WolfCop" revels in its B-movie sensibilities and embraces a spirit of irreverent and outrageous entertainment. While "Another WolfCop" may not be a mainstream blockbuster, it has gained a cult following among fans of horror-comedy and those who appreciate unconventional and offbeat storytelling. It's a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously and is intended for viewers who enjoy a mix of horror, comedy, and campy fun.
Another WolfCop
Year : 2017
IMDB Rating: 5
Director: Lowell Dean
Top Billing Cast:  Kevin Smith as Mayor Bubba Yannick Bisson as Swallows Amy Matysio as Tina Jonathan Cherry as Willie Higgins

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Another WolfCop Trivia

  1. Singer Gowan makes an appearance as the evil organist Organo at the hockey game in the film. He also has a song on the film's soundtrack and is associated with the movie "Wolfcop" (2014).

  2. The hockey cheerleaders in the film wear horn-rimmed glasses with masking tape on them, which appears to be a reference to the iconic Hanson Brothers from the film "Slap Shot" (1977).

  3. The term "Loup Garou" or "loup-garou" means lycanthrope or werewolf in French, which is relevant to the film's theme.

  4. "Another WolfCop" was filmed in Lumsden, Saskatchewan.

  5. Lou, one of the characters, has a July 1989 calendar hanging in his hideout, indicating the film's time period.

  6. Matthew Kennedy, Adam Brooks, and Conor Sweeney play the thugs dressed as Santa and his elves in the film's opening action scene. They are part of Astron-6, a Winnipeg-based production company known for low-budget horror comedies like this movie.

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