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Storyline:   "Father of the Bride" is a 1950 comedy film directed by Vincente Minnelli. The movie tells the heartwarming story of a father who must come to terms with the fact that his beloved daughter is getting married, leading to a series of humorous and touching events. The film revolves around Stanley Banks (played by Spencer Tracy), a middle-class father who is proud of his daughter Kay (played by Elizabeth Taylor) but is taken aback when she announces her engagement. Stanley initially struggles to accept the idea of his daughter leaving the family home and marrying someone new.

As the wedding preparations begin, Stanley finds himself swept up in a whirlwind of wedding plans, family dynamics, and comical mishaps. He navigates the challenges of dealing with eccentric relatives, extravagant expenses, and the emotional rollercoaster of letting go of his little girl. Throughout the film, Stanley's emotions range from joy and pride to anxiety and nostalgia. He grapples with the realities of his daughter growing up and forming a new family of her own. Along the way, he learns valuable lessons about love, family, and the importance of cherishing special moments.

"Father of the Bride" captures the humorous and sentimental moments that often accompany weddings, portraying the universal experience of parents letting go of their children as they embark on their own journeys. The film balances lighthearted comedic moments with genuine emotion, showcasing the talents of the ensemble cast. Spencer Tracy delivers a brilliant performance as the lovable and relatable Stanley Banks, bringing warmth and depth to the character. Elizabeth Taylor shines as the radiant and headstrong Kay, and the chemistry between the actors adds to the film's charm. With its witty dialogue, endearing characters, and timeless themes, "Father of the Bride" remains a beloved classic that continues to resonate with audiences. It captures the essence of familial love and the bittersweet joy of watching loved ones take steps towards their own futures.
Father Of The Bride
Year : 1950
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
IMDB Rating: 7
Director: Vincente Minnelli
Top Billing Cast:  Elizabeth Taylor as Kay Banks Billie Burke as Doris Dunstan Russ Tamblyn as Tommy Banks Spencer Tracy as Stanley T. Banks

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Father Of The Bride Trivia

  1. Spencer Tracy initially wanted Katharine Hepburn as his on-screen wife in the film, but it was decided that they were too closely associated as a romantic pair to convincingly portray a happily married couple with children. As a result, Joan Bennett was cast in the role instead.
  2. MGM presented Elizabeth Taylor with a special wedding gift in the form of a one-of-a-kind wedding dress designed by Helen Rose. This gesture was not only a personal gift to Taylor but also served as a promotional tactic for the movie.
  3. In the film, one of the gifts received by Kay (Elizabeth Taylor) is a Venus de Milo statue with a clock in the stomach, which is disparagingly referred to as a "stinker" by Stanley T. Banks (Spencer Tracy). Interestingly, this same gift reappears in the 1991 remake of the film, "Father of the Bride," among the presents, and once again, it fails to be received well.
  4. The premiere of the film took place just twelve days after Elizabeth Taylor's real-life wedding to Conrad "Nicky" Hilton, Jr. on May 6, 1950. The timing of the premiere and the surrounding publicity of Taylor's marriage is credited with contributing to the movie's success.
  5. The picture on the nightstand that Spencer Tracy's character looks at in the film was a genuine photograph of Elizabeth Taylor from her childhood, adding a personal touch to the scene.
  6. Both Elizabeth Taylor and Joan Bennett have portrayed the character of Amy March in big-screen adaptations of "Little Women." Joan Bennett played Amy March in the 1933 version, while Elizabeth Taylor took on the role in the 1949 adaptation.
  7. The wedding date of Kay and Buckley in the film, June 10, was a deliberate nod by director Vincente Minnelli to his wife, Judy Garland, as it coincided with her birthday. Coincidentally, June 10 is also the date on which Spencer Tracy passed away in 1967.
  8. Despite being nominated for Best Picture at the Academy Awards, the film did not win any Oscars, making it the only nominee in that category to go home empty-handed that year.
  9. Comedian Jack Benny expressed a strong desire to play the lead role in the film but was ultimately considered unsuitable for the part.
  10. A radio adaptation of the film was broadcast on February 25, 1951, as part of "Theater Guild on the Air." The radio adaptation featured Spencer Tracy, Joan Bennett, and Elizabeth Taylor reprising their respective roles from the movie.
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