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Storyline:   "Humanoids from the Deep" is a 1980 horror sci-fi film directed by Barbara Peeters. The movie is set in a small coastal town that becomes the target of deadly and grotesque creatures. The story revolves around a fishing community that faces multiple challenges, including declining fish populations and the construction of a cannery owned by a corporation. However, the situation takes a horrifying turn when a series of brutal and mysterious attacks occur along the coastline. As the townspeople investigate the source of the attacks, they discover that mutated humanoid sea creatures are responsible for the violence. These creatures, created by the corporation's genetic experiments, are intent on breeding with human women and expanding their species.

The film blends elements of horror, science fiction, and exploitation, with a focus on both gory monster attacks and suspenseful sequences. It also touches on themes of environmental destruction, corporate greed, and the consequences of scientific meddling. "Humanoids from the Deep" received attention for its controversial content and graphic violence, as well as its depiction of sexual themes. The movie is remembered for its exploitation-style approach and B-movie sensibilities, characteristic of the horror genre during that era. Over the years, "Humanoids from the Deep" has gained a cult following among fans of creature features and '80s horror cinema. While it may not be regarded as a critical masterpiece, the film remains a notable entry in the creature horror subgenre, providing an entertaining and thrilling experience for fans of the genre.
Humanoids From The Deep
Year : 1980
Genre : Horror, Sci-Fi
IMDB Rating: 6
Director: Barbara Peeters
Top Billing Cast:  Doug McClure as Jim Hill Vic Morrow as Hank Slattery Ann Turkel as Dr. Susan Drake Denise Galik as Linda Beale

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Humanoids From The Deep Trivia

  1. During the final stages of the film's production, producer Roger Corman demanded more sex, nudity, and monster shots to be added throughout. Director Barbara Peeters, a feminist who disagreed with the idea, refused to shoot the scenes but agreed to have a second director's feedback. However, Corman never showed the new footage to Peeters or the rest of the crew, and they only saw it during the film's preview.
  2. Only three Humanoid creatures were seen together on-screen due to limited functioning costumes. Various angles and editing tricks created the illusion of a more significant presence during the climactic carnival massacre.
  3. Actress Ann Turkel initially accepted the role because she found the film to be an intelligent suspenseful science-fiction story without any explicit content. However, Corman added more nudity and changed the title, which Turkel disliked.
  4. Director Barbara Peeters had initially planned for stuntmen to play the "humanoids," but they refused due to the goofy-looking suits. Additional actors had to be hired to perform as the monsters.
  5. One scene showing the humanoids attacking a naked female victim on the beach was filmed in cold weather, making the actress's lips turn blue. The makeup team had to keep making her lips pink again.
  6. Actress Cindy Weintraub refused to do a nude shower scene, so producers used a body double with a different figure, resulting in an embarrassing situation for Weintraub during the film's premiere.
  7. The green monster footage and fairground destruction were re-shot during rainy nights in Malibu.
  8. Linda Shayne's role involved her first on-screen nude scene, which she found nerve-wracking but appreciated the opportunity to fight back against the monsters.
  9. The film was initially titled "Beneath the Darkness" to attract a classier cast but was later changed to "Humanoids from the Deep" with added explicit scenes.
  10. Actress Ann Turkel was so outraged by the additional explicit footage that she asked Hollywood's Screen Actors' Guild to try to stop the film's release.
  11. James Horner composed the film's score in just fourteen days.
  12. A sequel called "Humanoids from the Deep 2: The Next Generation" was planned but never materialized.
  13. The film's title had various translations in different countries, reflecting its horror and monster theme.
  14. Some of the salmon festival carnival footage was reused in the 1996 TV remake of the film.
  15. Special makeup effects artist Steve Johnson portrayed the Humanoids getting shot, impressing director Barbara Peeters with his performance.
  16. The film was remade for television in 1996 with toned-down levels of sex and violence.
  17. The fishing village featured in the film was named Noyo, which is a real-life unincorporated community in Mendocino County, California.
  18. Actress Linda Shayne's scenes, including her topless scene, were added later by the second unit after Corman ordered more nudity.
  19. Showbusiness trade paper Variety compared "Humanoids from the Deep" to Corman's first film as a producer, "Monster from the Ocean Floor," noting the increased explicit content and gore in the 1980 version.
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